Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Just had to report in.....the numbers on my scale reported no gain yesterday! No loss, either, but I had expected a gain - just because I know what my body usually does....after a loss of 1 or more pounds, I generally gain some of it back before going back down. Since my loss from Sunday to Monday was 1.6 lbs, I fully expected to gain a pound. I didn't! The scale still reads 220.2. YIPEE!

Still not going to change my ticker, though. I'll give it another day.


nicnack31 said...

Stick at it... you will get there. I know I am struggling at the moment, but i am trying to focus on my goals rather than my recent failures.


Hide those cookies said...

Well done! I seem to go up a little after losing, too. Weird. Keep up the good work!!