Saturday, August 30, 2008

A late report....

I had a wonderful, relaxed visit last night with my good friend in her beautiful "magazine material" home. I just love it that even though we seldom see each other or get to have a visit, when we do get together, it is almost as if we've seen each other every week over the intervening months. It is good to have friends like that. We've known each other for probably 30+ years and been friends for about 27 of those. Some of those years we were very close (her husband and mine, as well) and some years were not so good, but it is going through the bad times as well as the good that makes for a lasting relationship, right?

Anyway, my fears were mostly for naught. She served salad with roasted chicken in it and when she asked if I wanted her to put the dressing on before she served it, I asked for a bowl of dressing on the side and I just dipped my fork in the dressing. She also served a big, fresh, whole-grain bun which I thoroughly enjoyed since I don't often allow myself such luxury. I pushed my croutons to the side to help make up for the bun. Except that there was more cheese in the salad than I would have used, I couldn't have asked for a better main dish option.

Then, she pulled out a mini birthday cake. How could I tell her that I wouldn't have even a small piece when she went to such trouble? Sometimes, other people are more important than whether or not I'll have to be extra careful for a couple days. Yes, I had the cake and a small scoop of sugar-free ice cream and lots of fresh raspberries on top! I scraped off a lot of the icing to minimize the damage, but I enjoyed it....without feeling a bit guilty.
I figured that if this "new" way of eating for me is NOT a diet, but a lifestyle, then I have to learn to accomodate special occassions. As long as I am not making up the special occassion as an excuse to indulge. There was no birthday cake at my party, so this is the first cake I've had for quite some time. And I politely refused all her offers of sweet drinks, preferring my water bottle.
This morning, I showed a .8 loss. I am aware that the cake may take a couple days to "show up", but I still don't feel guilty. I am learning to LIVE, not temporarily change my behavior.

On the same note, last week I was really wanting some chocolate. In the past, I've raided the freezer and taken a piece of the Nanimo bars that were left over from Christmas. I have no idea how many calories are in a piece of Nanimo bar, and the size was dependant on how strong my chocolate craving was (or how emotional I was feeling). When we defrosted the freezer a couple weeks ago, I pitched the rest of the bars so I would no longer be able to be so irresponsible. But last week, when I was desiring chocolate, I decided to make a plan. I bought a box of 6 "Cadbury Thins" dark chocolate bars - 100 calories each.

I took one out and ate it slowly. I was satisfied. The rest of the box went into the freezer, behind something else so it is not out in the open, sparking a craving that wouldn't be there otherwise. I totally forgot about them until today but I am not desiring chocolate so they are still sitting there - for the next time....and now I know how many calories I am using up with the chocolate so I can count them honestly. I hope I am not just kidding myself that this is a good idea, but at least it is better than what I was doing.

I got home very late last night so I've been quite tired today. Even so, I worked for about 2 hours on my library and made about 5 trips downstairs with books from my bedroom and the office. (Still probably at least 5 more trips from up to down stairs). I made a point of running back up the stairs after depositing the books in the library, but I did not do my treadmill.

Youngest son (19) is on his way home from a hiking trip in the Kananaskis Mountains south of Banff, AB. I can't wait to see his photos - that is some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, back there! This was his first ever real hiking excursion and he was worried he would not be able to keep up. They are coming home early, because one of the group wrenched his knee badly and they did not want to be caught back in the wilderness after it swelled up and stiffened too badly to easily walk out.

He said he was impressed with himself - 20 kms in 2 days, much of it up steep inclines and some through freezing rain with the wind whipping through the pass into their faces. I am proud of him! he was a little afraid to accept the invitation to go because he has not done anything so strenuous before. Of course, he started a labor job this spring and has had to make new notches in his belt several times over the summer! He doesn't know how much weight he has lost, because he's also put on lots of muscle. Let's just say that he has gone from being a pudgy young man to being quite a slim, hard fella! Obviously, working hard for 8 - 10 hours a day does the trick!

This is him in April - at the Kansas Speedway

This is him last weekend, in his work clothes...can you see the difference?

Wish I had the energy to work so hard, so consistenly! Ah well, that, too will come....little by little. I'm not 19, afterall.


MizFit said...

may I nicely beg to differ? :)

the "I took one out and ate it slowly"

big victory.
at least it would be in my world/is in my perspective.

you are well on your way.


Fattie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...I need all the encouragement I can get. It looks like you are doing great on your journey! Cadbury chocolate is one of my FAVORITES, and I had no idea they made 100 calorie thins...I will be looking for those!

Karyn said...

I am sorry if I did not communicate well....YES, I see a huge difference in my boy. In fact, sometimes I am surprised when I see him walk around the corner! It happened very quickly.

Gives me a great visual testimony on how much hard work can make a difference. (i.e. exercise)

Hide those cookies said...

It sounds like dinner went well, compared to your expectations. You have a great attitude about this being a lifestyle change. It's not like you can reasonably expect to go the rest of your life w/o cake!

I was not aware of the existence of a 100 calorie Cad bars. I must try them!

Lyn said...

You really did amazing with the cake! Well done! (And the chocolate too). Thanks for being inspiring. I need it right now!