Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giveaway Winners

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Hope y'all get lots of good info and inspiration out of it!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GIVEAWAY....Book Review

"FAT to Skinny, Fast and Easy" by Doug Varrieur

To be honest, the title of this book kind of turns me off.....I've had it with empty promises of 'fast and easy' and 'no exercise' (which is included in the subtitle). It sounds like a K Tel commercial (does that date me, or what?). In fact, the book LOOKS like a K Tel product.....bright yellow with red lettering. Plus, you can't convince me that healthy, sustainable weight loss is either fast OR easy. can't judge a book by its cover, right?

In this case, no you can't.

The author begins with his personal story as 'the fat kid' through to his 'first success' (a drop from a 40" waist to a 32" waist because 'something became more important than food'). A change in his job and location, and soon he was fat again, in fact, even bigger than ever. He managed to lose 30 pounds but could never get below that weight. He came to accept that he would always be overweight.

Then his 71 year old mother came to visit. He was surprised to see that she had lost 40 lbs since he had last seen her, 6 months prior. Her secret? SUGAR CONROL.

This began Mr. Varrieur's research into the way our bodies use sugar. The result was that at about 45 years old, he lost 100 lbs and has kept it off for 5 years.

Pretty good credentials.

In the epilogue, the author states his desire to write a book that could be easily understood by even children - he wants to give people knowledge that can set them free. I think he has succeeded. In my humble opinion, a student in grade 6 could easily read and understand the basic principles which are addressed. The book educates the reader on basic human metabolism, sugars, carbs, proteins, fat storage, and which foods are 'hiding' sugar, which turns to fat.

The book is printed in large, bold type....which, although it matches the cover for 'tackiness', makes a format that results in a quick read.

According to Doug Varrieur, the basic key to going from Fat to Skinny, fast and easy is this...."Cut off the sugar and you'll cut off the fat".

But how do you get rid of sugar?

Well, he says, the first thing is to understand that all food containing carbohydrates turn into sugar. Again, he simply and logically explains insulin reaction, the carb to sugar to fat process, 'fuels' burned by your body, and the consequences of too much sugar.

Obviously, Mr. Varrieur lost 100 pounds by eating LOW CARB, higher protein. This lifestyle/eating plan worked for him.....and for many others. It also made a certain Dr. Atkins a household name. Mr. Varrieur's 'argument' for this lifestyle is well made and full of common sense.

Included in the book are lists of foods that are low in carbs - including specific brands...AND he has included the websites of these low carb brands so you can order your own supply rather than hunt for obscure brands at the grocery.

Also addressed is the 'Aspertame Question'. Rather than make a case for or against, he offers his own experience PLUS includes several websites of information on both sides of the issue so you can decide for yourself.

The book ends with 73 pages of low carb recipies which not only look delicious, but contain information and substitution ideas that would be helpful for anyone looking to decrease their calorie intake and increase their level of nutrition.

Whether you choose to adopt the low carb lifestyle or not, this book contains lots of good, scientific information presented logically and simply as well as the many good recipes.

I have three books to give away.

Leave a comment by May 26 (next Wednesday) if you want a copy. If there are more than 3 comments, I will make a drawing to determine the lucky winners. Please be sure your blog link or email is included in your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Thanks to Megan P at Sterling Publishers for sending me this book to review and offer to give away.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Week 2 (Second Time Around) Weigh In

Well, this week's weigh in has a better report. DOWN 2.5 pounds....even though I was all over the scale in the intervening 7 days, it is Friday that counts.

I kind of cratered yesterday, though.

It was an emotional day......issues with my adult children.....and at first I had NO appetite at all - felt like throwing up, actually so no problem keeping out of the food. BUT after supper there was another little issue with a different 'child' and I drowned my frustration with chocolate. Not that I have enough chocolate in the house to drown my sorrows, but I went to town and while I was at the grocery store, I bought the 'anti-depressant'. It was a big bar, too. BUT I did not eat all of it.....only 2/3's of it for a total of 360 calories. I bought and ate the chocolate fully aware of what I was doing - it was not mindless or out of control bingeing......I decided to eat it.

And, for the record....I did feel a better afterward. Dark chocolate, after all, is a natural seratonin booster - as long as you don't let the morning's weight gain make you depressed again.

I just realized I haven't weighed yet so I don't know how much damage that did overnight. Hang on......

.....UP .8

A day of clean eating will take care of that.

My daughter and SIL and 2 grandbabies have moved into my (small) house. Hubby and I moved into our 5th wheel trailer so the kids have our bedroom and the office. Since they are moving to Zambia for an extended time (as in...years) in 6 weeks, we are happy to have them so close for these last weeks. Kathryn and Vinj have decided they are going to go into town to the gym at least 3 mornings a week and I am going with them. That's what they tell me. That is, if we can find a sitter for those mornings. If there is no sitter, probably just Kathryn and I will go.

So, it seems I may begin on a workout routine finally. I'm not promising to keep it up after they leave, but let's see if the plans that have been made so far actually are followed up on.