Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weigh In Report

On Sunday, my weight was DOWN 1.4 lbs. On Monday, I was UP .6 lbs from last week's weigh in. But, Monday is my weigh in day so I have to report a gain of .6 again.

Today I am up another 1.8 lbs. Before you start telling me I shouldn't weigh every day or be tied to that number on the scale, let me say that I have been weighing daily for 8 months. I understand what my weight normally does.

Every time I have lost a full pound or more from one day to the next, I have a gain the next day and then I lose between .5 and 1 pound every day after that until I am past the big loss. Until this summer, I have consistently lost every week, as long as I was following my plan. In fact, I consistently lost almost every day.

Here is what happened this week:

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I went on LA's "Take Off" plan....a 2 day only "quick start" type of plan (no carbs, limited protein, special drink, unlimited green veggies). I wanted to get past the "plateau" I've been on since the beginning of June.

The next day I was down to 221 (a loss of 3 pounds). I was pleased, but expected to gain the next day....however, according to what has been my pattern, hitting that 221 meant that I would soon be back there and beyond, into the two-teens and on my way to one-derland. Friday I was up (as expected) to 224.2 and Saturday I started back down toward 221 with a loss of .4 lbs. Sunday gave me another loss of 1.2 to take me to 222.6. I was excited to be able to report a loss for my weekly WI the next day.

That was not to be, however.....as already stated, on Monday the scale was up 2 pounds. But of course, Sunday morning I showed a loss of over 1 pound...I should not have been surprised to gain on Monday.

I guess we'll see what NEXT Monday shows.

Hubby has been home since Wednesday evening, meaning I don't get on the computer as much - there are better things to do! :) I may be able to make another post before he leaves again a week from today, maybe not..........

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Vonavie said...

I'm like you. A daily weigher. And I too know how my fluctuations go. I know that I will hit my lowest weight on day 2 of my TOM (Time of the Month) and then the next day or two I will blow up like a balloon and work my way down again and lower for the rest of the month, hitting another high point when I ovulate and then continuing down again.

You are doing great! Thanks for the encouragement of your success!