Monday, August 11, 2008

Weigh In Report

My weight this morning is 224.0 so I am down .6 pounds this week.

I went on my treadmill 3 times last week. 15 to 25 min sessions, .6 - 1 mile each. It is getting easier.

I did week 1 of the 100 pushups challenge. I am doing them off the wall for now....maybe I'll go all the way through on the wall then all the way through off my knees...we'll see, the wall thing may get to be too easy. The first day, I did the perscribed number for each set then for the last set (which is set at "max that you can do") I did 25. The next 2 days I only managed 10. I had sore muscles in my triceps and my calves so I guess I was working muscles that have just been turning to jelly before. That is always good.

I started my week today by using the treadmill and beginning week 2 of the pushup thing. I was a little afraid that after taking the weekend "off", I would not get back at it. But I did...without even having to force myself. Small victory, yes....but the large victory will only be won by many small victories.

As to my weight loss.....I am beginning to get frustrated. I am not cheating, as in eating anything I should not be eating. In fact, there have been weeks where I DID cheat and lost more. The only things I have really struggled with this week are:
  1. water....I never seemed to get all my water in although I have a water bottle with me at all times
  2. food....There were a couple days, at least, this week that I was just not hungry (it was hotter than usual) so my food intake was way down those days. I am also still not ever getting ALL my exchanges in. It is hard to believe that this is a problem, but it was proven to me early in this journey that when I ate EVERYTHING on my plan I actually lost more consistently.

So, I know what I need to do this week....drink more water and eat all my exchanges. Both these goals will require that I pay more attention sooner in the day so that I don't look at my food journal after supper and see that I still need to drink 4 glasses of water and eat 2 fruits, 2 dairy, and 1 starch. (I never lack in the protein area....I love my meat)

It is so hard for a "lifer"....someone who has been in "on a diet" mode for almost my whole life.... to remember that NOT eating the good food is just as bad as eating the bad food. I mean, I feel like I have achieved something when I don't eat. In reality, I am sending a very familiar message to my body...."she's starving again...stop burning and start storing".

Anyway, I've lost only 7 pounds since the beginning of June. I am so frustrated! I had hoped to be losing at least that amount every month!

The greatest change in me, though, has everything to do with how frustrated I am. I am not tempted to quit. I am not reaching for the nachos and cheese or the bag of cookies. The other day at the grocery, I went over to the muffins (I love muffins) and looked them over. But looking at them, I didn't even want one....I'd rather make my own, knowing what ingredients are used than eat something that likely has spray-dried eggs, powdered milk, lots of margarine and sugar in it. The fact that I did not lust after them is evidence that my mind-set has changed quite drastically. That is even better than losing more than .6 lbs this week!


Anonymous said...

Your 0.6 success is, as you are describing, only a small part of the success. Real weight loss will come not by what you eat, but what you do. Every muscle in your body is there to work for you by demanding food after it has worked. Your corrected good food and water intake combined with real life changing muscle building, will give you the larger numbers you are looking for. I can verify this by my own personal experience. The doctor, who is working as a tester, told me of one of his patient that just drank a gallon of water everyday and lost 40 lbs. The water consumption effected his eating and the way his body proccessed and responded to the food intake.

Anonymous said...

Dont' miss see the mountain that you just climbed because the pebbles are hurting your feet.

Katschi said...

Hi Karyn!
I'm doing the 18 week challenge also.
My sister lives in Alberta....maybe you know her? *g*
I can relate to your frustrations regarding the scale but also see successes in different areas not related to numbers on a box.
As long as we're above the dirt, we've got a chance at success!