Thursday, July 30, 2009

WI Report

It's a day late, but I'm reporting my weekly weigh in results.

Are you ready for it? (Drum roll, please)

A LOSS of 2.4 lbs.


I'm still not too happy with the actual weight, since I was hovering around 207 for several weeks in May/June....BUT I'm on the way back there!

It has been another busy week - although not so hectic as last week.

My daughter and grandbaby are doing well, my hubby is home for some time off (2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months? who knows?) (2 weeks would be nice)

We are, however, having frustrations with our internet.....we are paying for satelite internet and have a wireless router.....BUT the router hasn't worked for some time. So, we've been setting up 'ad hoc' networks on one computer or the other and that way we could both be connected at the same time. But even that hasn't been working for the last month or so.....consequently, when Jim is home, only one of us can be on the internet at a time - frustrating because we like to do things together when we are together. :D

My eating habits are still in need of more discipline and I need to incorporate exercise into my days (the story of my life). On the positive side, I'm back to writing everything down (and I mean everything). Obviously, since I show a loss this week, I've done something right when it comes to food choices. I'm just not quite happy with my mindset yet....but it is coming.

I guess it was just too good to be true - the way my thinking had changed so completely. I was finding it quite easy to let old habit fall away, to think 'healthy' all the time, to avoid the pitfalls, to be happy with a small portion of a sweet only once in awhile......I thought it was 'easy' for me because I had tried and failed so many times....that this time, something just 'clicked'. Well that is true....something did just 'click' in my brain - and it carried me through just past a year.

I found, however, that even though the 'new' habits were pretty well entrenched, a prolonged period of stress and grief rubbed the sharpness off them. I guess it is just a matter of sharpening those habits back up so that they are more effective again.

Well, I'm off to enjoy some time with my hubby - after he takes his turn on the internet - have a great day! Maybe I'll find time to be back before next WI day....I hope so, but if I'm not here, I'll be at my other blog at least twice.

Hope y'all have a successful week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taliah Hope

A couple posts back, I announced the birth of Taliah Hope Muyaba. In that post, I alluded to prayers answered and the fact that I had been with Kathryn the entire time.

If you are interested in reading about the experience, the answered prayers, and evidence that I can be extremely opinionated at times, go to this link for my "Musings from Me" blog.

Feel free to leave a note if you visit me there!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday report.....not so good

This has got to be a quick, short post because I need to get going in to town to look after my daughter......this business of sending new moms home as soon as 24 hours is up really is not wise, IMHO. But that is fodder for another post.

Today, I am coming face to face with the realization that I am no longer losing. In fact, I am gaining.

Now, most of you will probably say...."DUH! We knew that!" If you pay attention, you do know that.

I, however, have the uncanny ability to drift through life ignoring anything that I do not want to bother me. I can put things off until disaster strikes.

My scale this morning read 213.8. That is not the highest it has been of late, but it is still 7 pounds higher than my lowest weight. Worse, just going by memory, I am only about 12 pounds less than I was last year at this time.

Twelve pounds in a year!

That is not a 'slow but steady' weight loss - that is almost standing still!

There have been alot of things going on since the beginning of this year - true. But there were alot of things going on the year I WAS losing weight consistently. So that cannot be an excuse.

I think I just let the stresses I've been under this year nudge me a little bit off track. Not alot.... there has been no major crash, no big binges, no major changes......just small changes here and there that have finally caught up with me.

I've been trying for the last couple weeks to refocus, but it is very hard to get 'back in the zone' of thinking differently.

A year ago I found it easy to say no to birthday cakes. This year, I don't even think of saying no.

A year ago I wouldn't have even considered eating certain things that this year I eat without thought.

A year ago I did not eat anything without weighing or measuring it first and I wrote down everything that went into my mouth.

This year, I 'estimate' instead of weighing and I am very inconsistent with my food journal.

I know what I need to do.....I'm just having a hard time grabbing that brass ring again.

On the bright side, I CAN see a glimmer of light in my brain.....I am beginning to want what I had (a feeling of success) more than what I have (a lazefaire attitude toward food and exercise).

I hope to be able to report a renewal in my thinking and attitude by next Wednesday.

In the meantime, there are just two more birthdays to get through this month. July is our busiest month.....and we've just added another July birthday! (Beginning on the 11th, there are now eight birthdays in July - and that doesn't count a niece and a few close friends!) My goal is to refuse the cake at the last two birthdays.

I'll let you know how I do.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Taliah Hope arrived today, July 19.....(her due date) 2:24 p.m. She weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and is 50 cm long (I do not know, off hand, the conversion for 50 cm - I don't think in cm and meters. )

It is now 12:30 am - Monday, July 20 - and I have been up since 2 a.m. on Sunday. I am not going to write a long post.....I just wanted to let y'all know the good news!

Kathryn did terrific! A much easier time than last......with several answers to prayer. I was there for the entire time - a privilege and an honor.

But these things are going to have to wait for another post - maybe. I have big brother Seth overnight and will be taking him back to town tomorrow so I do not know when I'll have time for a good post.

Until then, here are a few photos of our little sweetheart......

I'm going to bed a happy, relieved, blessed woman.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Workout for arms and shoulders.

As you know, if you ever read this blog, exercise and myself do not get along real well. There are several reasons for this, one being the fact that it takes up so much time - time I could spend doing the many 'sit down' things that I love.

Well, I found an exercise that maybe I can handle - it doesn't sound too hard and takes only minutes a day - literally. The exercise targets the upper arms and shoulders, and after all, I need strength in my arms and shoulders to work at the computer, hold a camera, hold a book, cut and paste to make scrapbooks, and of course, I need strength in my arms and shoulders in order to hold babies and toddlers. Besides, I'd dearly love to wear sleeveless tops some day.

And, I have to give credit where credit is due.....I came across this exercise at "Living to Tell the Story".....the owner of this blog, Susanne, is the host of a weekly meme in which I participate called "Friday's Favorite Five". Wanna see my list of favorites for this week? Once there, you can always go to my lables and pick out Fave Five or Friday's Favorite Five to see other lists. Or, just check back weekly for new lists.

Back to the exercise. See? I procrastinate about exercise even when it is just writing about it.

Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, with plenty of room on each side. With a 5 lb. potatoe sack in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there for as long as you can. Try to reach a full minute, then relax. Each day, you'll find you can hold this position just a bit longer. Do not lock your elbows.

After a couple weeks, move up to 10 lb sacks.

Then try 50 lb sacks and eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100 lb potatoe sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for a whole minute.

After you feel confident at that level, put a potatoe in each sack.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

So I wrote a whole post this morning about my day yesterday and why the numbers on the scale this morning should have showed some kind of loss.........

I wrote it in WORD because so often my computer will simply erase whole sections of what I write and Blogger doesn't have an undo button. I often do this, then copy and paste it into Blogger.

HOWEVER, it won't let me paste!!! What's with that?

I've also been having problems with posting won't let me move them around.

I am getting a little frustrated with this program.

Anyway, the reason I wrote what I did was because the scale showed a 3 pound GAIN this morning!

I did not follow my 'plan' perfectly, but I was not out of line as far as calories go..... I drank all my water, and then some......AND I worked hard for 3 hours, hilling about 250 potatoe plants with my husband. I was so sore and tired after that, I could barely make it out of the garden and onto the tractor for the ride back to the house.

I was a little frustrated, to say the least. And, all day I've felt FAT. Really, 3 pounds shouldn't make me feel must be all in my head, but when I feel fat, I act fat.....that is, I act like I am unattractive and insecure. I don't like me when I act like that. All because the scale tells me the opposite of what I think it should say.

Ah well.....the numbers on the scale are, after all, the epitome of fickle. It will all work out in the end - or OFF the end, as the case may be.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photos to go with the post below

This is most of the east half of our field.....all 'voluntary' grasses. In other words....weeds. We keep it mowed so it looks nice and so the weeds don't become a problem for our farmer neighbors.

I bought 2 'patio tomatoes' from the greenhouse this spring. When I picked them up at the beginning of June, they already had plenty of fruit on them.....I cannot wait for these to ripen so I can have 'fresh off the vine' tomatoes on my back deck.

My flower 'gardens' are in containers displayed on the back deck. No weeding necessary. Detracts from the shabbiness of our run down back deck.

We planted almost 400 hills of potatoes. I can't get the whole garden in one photo, but this is most of them - as of this past Sunday. They need to be hilled - and weeded - badly, but it is too muddy this week.

These are my 4 raised beds at the west side of our yard......these have suffered from the lack of moisture and the lack of consistent heat.....many seeds did not even germinate. I have replanted several rows - hopefully, we'll get some sunshine after this week of rain and the new seeds will prosper.

The weeds, however, have done well. I've had to keep on top of the weeding as much as I've had to make sure to water for an hour a day.

Weighing In

I am happy to report a 1.2 pound LOSS over the past 7 days. I am still above the mark where I had stabalized before gaining, but hey.....I'm going in the right directiona again! And 1.2 pounds is nothing to complain about! In fact, I'm quite happy with it.

The last few days have been mostly rainy, but I fear it is too little, too late for the farmers in my community. And, of course, with the rain comes some humidity - putting us under Tornado Watch this afternoon. Any tornado that develops will be 'weak' and not likely to touch down, but still.....I HATE tornadoes! In fact, I hate the threat of tornadoes. It was the daily Tornado watches and warnings that made me happy to move away from Louisiana last spring.

So, my garden is muddy, and the sky bears watching so I'll be working inside today - beginning with paying some bills and probably progressing to working on my basement.

Maybe I'll even get caught up on my photo blog.....I'm about a week behind.

I am slowly getting back into the mindset of healthy eating - I even drank all my water yesterday! Still not perfect, but the mind change is easier this time - not as much as a change, since I hadn't completely backslid. :D Most of my exercise has come in the form of working in the yard/garden.

The lack of rain and heat (I know, sounds paradoxical) has resulted in a rather pathetic garden, but the potatoes are growing, the onions are doing well, and the veggies I bought as bedding plants are doing well. The weeds have not been stunted by the less than perfect weather - especially the thistles - so I've had lots of opportunity to use the hoe and crawl around on my hands and knees. Also, since the 'grass' in the field is all 'voluntary' , it has not suffered from the lack of moisture and I've had to keep it cut at least once a week.

That is my report on exercise over the last couple weeks.

I will post some photos of my gardens in a separate post....

Monday, July 6, 2009

One of my challenges, lately

This spring, my son Robert suggested we begin a new family 'tradition' of a weekly gathering at 'Mom and Dad's' on Sundays. This suggestion was met with enthusiasm by us - I mean, who wouldn't be excited about the prospect of all their kids and grandkids gathering every week?

So, a few months ago, we embarked on this new tradition - and have included Jim's sister and her family in the open invitation since they are 'family' as well, and live just a few miles from us (closer than any of our kids).

These events have turned into quite the production for Jim and I ...... and we love it! It is an excuse to clean house together at least once a week (remember, there are only the two of us here) and an opportunity to cook for and serve our family. We have fun planning the menu (which really doesn't change too much from week to week) and preparing the food.

Sunday morning we clean, making sure things are in order and the floors are clean for the little ones to be crawling around on them, and put the finishing touches on the food. By lunch time, usually Andrew is there (number 3 son) and we begin to wait for the rest.

Usually, by 3:00 everyone has arrived and the chaos and noisy banter is at full tilt. As long as it is not cold, windy, or raining, we are sitting outside. The little kids are playing on the trampoline, the tractor, the yard toys, or riding the little bicycle. The big kids are throwing a ball around, chasing after their children or dogs, visiting, or are inside seeing what they can do to help me. Usually, at least Andrew is playing a guitar, sometimes there is 'canned' music also in the background, and always there is loud talking, laughing, and teasing going on. Sometimes, the boys will test one another's strength by having a 'wrestling match'.

Yesterday, Andrew had brought his electric guitar and amp with him so there was some heavy guitar picking going on - with Auntie Mel demanding he play the 'whole song' and Andrew insisting that the whole song was just a repeat of the same chords and licks he had just played - the only difference being vocals - which he was not going to provide. Then Jim brought out my iPod and played some 'Petra' (heavy Christian Rock) for Andrew to play along with. This got everyone teasing me about my choices of music (Petra is 'so 80's'). Rob insisted (with a twinkle in his eye) there was 'no good music' on my iPod. Jim jumped to 'defend my honor' and said "You want to hear what Mom's got on her iPod?" He proceeded to play a song by Joe Walsh that embarassed me thoroughly - giving my kids a great laugh (and a bit of a shock). Never mind which song. LOL. But I digress.....

With all the joy this tradition is bringing, it IS a challenge for me to not eat too much.

Grilled hamburgers have become the most economical and easiest meal to make - and always heartily welcomed because they are just SO good! Since we are mostly eating outside, we plan cold sides.....and what would those be? Potato salad and jello with whipped cream are standard - always there. As well, we will have at least two other sides....yesterday, we had a fresh veggie plate and a layered salad (lettuce, celery, green pepper, peas, miracle whip, cheese and bacon bits). ALWAYS, there is dessert - whatever Jim wants is my guide - yesterday we had 4 different kinds of pies with ice cream (purchased at Safeway, not homemade) but most of the time I bake a chocolate cake or poppyseed cake to serve with ice cream.

Notice the positive side of this.....NO chips, plenty of veggies, good lean meat. This is not only for my sake, and for Jim's sake, it is to be an example to our children that you CAN have healthy food that tastes good. All food that is made with miracle whip is made with Low Fat, Low Cal product. The hamburger is extra lean. The homemade cakes are made with whole wheat flour, brown sugar, and no fat sour cream rather than buttermilk and there is always 98% FF, SF ice cream available.

It is not the choices that are the problem for is the temptation to eat too much. These are the kinds of events where it is much too easy to load up my plate, eat it all, then go back for another full plate - just because it tastes so good. I pretty much always eat too much.

I say all this to let you in on a weekly event/challenge in my life. And to say that when I step on the scale on Monday morning and I weigh the SAME as on Sunday morning, I celebrate just a little.

Today was a day of a little celebration.....I am the same today as yesterday morning. Weight-wise, that is......I am a little more full of love and joy after spending the evening laughing with my family.