Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weighty Wednesday

It's everyone's favorite day of the week - no, not Wednesday - Weigh In day.

I'm disappointed to report a .2 gain. I'm not upset about it because there are any number of reasons to 'gain' 2/10 lb. I expect the numbers to be quite a lot less tomorrow.... today's weight of 211.0 is the highest I have been all week. I was down to 209.0 on Monday.... Oh well.

I had a few 'cheats' over the weekend (which was a little on the busy side) and I've been told it actually takes 3 days for indulgences to show up on the scale so I guess I deserve this.

As for my goals of the last week, I wasn't real successful there, either. I wonder if that could be the explaination for a gain rather than a loss? (heavy sarcasm there)

Here's the report:

1. Drink 8 cups water EVERY DAY I failed miserably here.....the most I got in was 6 cups of water (most days)

2. Take my vitamins EVERY DAY I remembered 4 days to take my vitamins. At least that is better than one day!

3. Walk on my treadmil a minimum of 30 minutes 6 out of 7 days prize. I walked over a mile 3 days each and for 10 min (1/2 mile) another day. My excuse? Well, really....I was in quite severe pain for the first 3 days of this 'week' (my hip) The day I did 10 minutes I was hurting still, but a little less. 10 minutes was what I could manage. I did notice, however, that my speed is increasing.

4. Do not sit at my computer or my desk for more than 30 minute intervals I am doing much better at this, although time still gets away from me at times. Still, I see lots of improvement here.

5. eat ALL my exchanges each day, making sure to weigh and measure everything Rats! I forgot that I determined to weigh and measure everything.....I didn't - just some things. Looking back, I see that I was lacking in veggies and carbs most days. I haven't had an appetite this week - as in, I don't look forward to preparing and eating a nice meal. Also, I've been satisfied with less than normal. When I look at my food journal just before bed and see that I haven't eatn 2 carbs, I think it is smarter to not eat them than to eat them just before bed. Maybe not, since I didn't lose this week.

6. No unplanned nibbles OK, not so good here. Not real bad, but not so good. Friday I baked cupcakes for Seth's 1st birthday. I licked the bowl and I had one cupcake (iced). Saturday, at the birthday party, I had another cupcake. Then, hubby's truck broke down 2 hours west of home. I had to take him my truck (straight from the birthday party). My youngest son followed me so he could bring me home. When we stopped for fuel, I succumbed to the Dove Dark Chocolates sitting on the counter - I ate all four. Then, Dan wanted to stop at McDonald's before heading home (no other options in this town) I ordered a cheeseburger (the small one) and also ate some of his fries (probably 10). That is my list of "bad girl" food for the past week.

7. Spend 2 afternoons helping my daughter (she has 2 big events this weekend) I visited Kathryn one afternoon and babysat the next afternoon while she went to the doctor. I also baked the cupcakes for Seth's BD party (as I've already stated) so she had a little less to do, I shopped for her for some nutritious snacks that she might be able to eat. She is pregnant and suffers from Hypermesis Gravadum.....literally constant nauseau and inability to eat - not good for her or baby......if she starts to vomit she cannot stop and ends up in hospital on an IV. In fact, after the birthday party she ended up in hospital. Oh yes, I and DIL Victoria cleaned up after the party for her. Because she was in the hospital on sunday, she was unable to participate in the second event she was scheduled for.

8. Help out my daughter in law at least one afternoon I picked up my granddaughters on Tuesday afternoon and kept them until Wednesday afternoon so that Lana could get some rest and maybe get caught up on housework. She has a newborn (3 wks old) and was sick with Mastitis last week. In fact, someone in their house has been sick since Titus was born!

9. Finish the reorganization and de cluttering of my office/art room and my kitchen I bit off more than I could chew with this goal. I did make good progress on my office though. There were a few unexpected activities come up that kept me from getting more done.....

10. Formulate my plans for increasing my health and fitness over the next year Nope, didn't do it....again, several things 'came up' that were urgent and some things just have to take a back burner. I have a general plan for the next year, I've only not taken the time to 'flesh it out'.

Whew! I'm glad that's over! I think I'll make few goals this week so I don't have to report so many things that I didn't accomplish.

Besides being in pain at the beginning of the week, having 3 or 4 different 'emergencies' come up, (really nothing new there - it is par for the course around here) and having a dog that needed nursing, I have been singularly UNmotivated.

This lack of motivation - or boredom maybe, was really bothering me. I think I have realized what the problem is......I got used to having Jim home for 2 weeks every 2 weeks - a routine that kept me motivated. When I knew he would be home in X number of days, I was motivated to finish a project so it was out of the way when he was home. NOW, I have no idea when he will be home and since no one else is around, there is no real motivation to go beyond keeping things picked up.

Maybe the Post Christmas Letdown has something to do with it, as well. Maybe it is the fact that my Christmas tree is still in the living room - undecorated, but I cannot take it downstairs on my own (it requires 2 strong people) and there has been no one out here since Christmas. has been pretty good. I have gotten quite a lot of work done, eaten well, and have supper planned. There is even a slim chance that Jim will be able to come home for the night. A very slim chance.

Oh....goals for this coming week:

1. Drink 8 cups of water EVERY DAY

2. Take my vitimins at least 5 days

3. Treadmill a minimum of 1 mile or 30 minutes 5 days

4. Begin to do toning exercises (at least 2 days)

5. Be more careful to get all exchanges in before it is too late in the evening

6. continue to train myself to not sit at the computer for more than 30 minutes at a time.

I won't burden you with my household and family goals this time.


Merry Mary said...

A .2 gain isn't bad with a few cheats over the weekend. You actually are doing quite well. I think it might help also to focus less on which goals you failed to meet and instead focus on the ones you did meet. With so many weekly goals (which are actually daily goals too) its hard to do it all. Focusing on doing one or two well and meeting the goals completely might help a bit especially with motivation.

Heather said...

sorry to hear about your gain - I know the feeling! Im sure your weight will drop back down and dont be too hard on yourself with any goals you didnt meet this week because you did really well on the majority so you should be really proud.

bbubblyb said...

I agree that a 0.2 gain isn't anything to be upset over. I'm sure it will be gone next week. Sounds like you have good goals laid out for yourself. You sound super busy though make sure to put yourself first.

Katrina said...

New to your blog. I love that you set weekly goals for yourself. I think one of my major problems is I set too big of goals and they are monthly goals. By week 2 I have forgotten all about them. In my mind a .2 gain on a hard week is a success.

Anonymous said...

YOu are so right. The variable that go into gaining .2. Man, you could gain .2 by "accidently" eating a couple m&m's. Great job and keep up the good work.

~TMcGee~ said...

I'm getting ready to post about a gain on my blog as well and I wish it was only a .2 gain. lol I agree with the others, I think this week was a success if that's all you gained after some stress and a little indulgence.
I hope you have a wonderful week and that Jim gets to come home for a little bit, I know you miss him. :-(