Sunday, January 25, 2009


When I first began this journey, last December, I made a list of things that I expected to change in my life. I called them "milestones" to watch for on my journey.

I would like to share these with you now, 13 months and almost 44 pounds later...... my progress is in bold type

- My face looks like me again Getting pretty close, here

- I get a neck still looking for that

- I can reach to wipe This is no longer an issue (sorry for the personal nature of this one)

- My wedding rings fit Been wearing them for several months now – next milestone will be to get them made smaller again

- My necklaces fit haven’t tried to wear any of the ones I was talking about, actually....I tend to wear the same one all the time

- My pearls hang in an oval instead of a circle they tend to creep backward, making them hang in a circle, but when I pull them forward, they are in an oval (I love my pearls)

- I can curl up on the couch – comfortably Hmmm….don’t try this too often so I'm not sure

- I don’t have to sit with my legs spread in order to accommodate my belly not quite there – but at least my legs don’t have to be spread as wide

- I can roll over in bed without a big production still have to lift and roll, but it is not such a big deal anymore - I don't even always wake up to accomplish this

- I can pick something up off the floor without spreading my feet way apart I’m here!

- I can spoon behind my husband yup!

- I can cuddle next to Jim on the couch Getting much more comfortable

- I have a lap for my grandbabies to sit on I can hold both Seth and Kaden on my lap at the same time!

- I am not always bumping into things I've noticed that I’m not bumping into things all the time, but I'm not quite at the milestone where it never happens

- I can walk down stairs without having to think about it I am still very careful about stairs - but that may be just my cautious nature - I am alone most of the time, after all

- I don’t have to lift up my belly to wash under it Still have to lift that thing

- I have to buy a smaller size from size 28 to 20 shirts, size 24 to 18 jeans

- I have to buy smaller sized glasses don’t need glasses yet – but if I did, I’d probably get smaller ones

- I can wear high heels well, not my 5 inchers, but I can comfortably wear my 2 inch heels for the whole day - even if I have to walk alot

I “fit” in the airplane’s seats haven’t been on an airplane since I went to England in April, and then it was still a problem

Now for some more milestones that I have passed but did not think to look for until they happened:

- I can feel the bones in my hip (through my buttocks)
- When I lay on my side, I can feel the curve of my body
- I can feel the bottom of my ribcage
- I can cross my legs if I am sitting in the right kind of chair
- I walk faster - all the time
- I can see the scale without pushing my stomach in
- I don’t hate myself
- I can get down on the floor and play with the babies - and stay there for as long as I want
- I can tie my shoe without using a footstool to put my foot on
- I am satisfied with much less food and do not feel the need to eat when watching a movie
- I am much more confident
- I don't want to cry when someone takes a photo of me

Now some more to look for:

- I can sit on Jim’s lap
- I can cross my legs when sitting in a hard chair
- I can sit Indian style in a chair
- I can easily get out of my small car
- I can run
- I like to see a photo of myself
- My granddaughter tells me I'm not so fat anymore
- I need to resize my wedding rings - smaller

I am sure if I really tried, I could think of more milestones, both reached and still ahead - and as I journey along this path, I'll pass some I did not even know were there.

I did not include several things I looked forward to back in Dec/07 that were of a very personal nature - if you've ever been more than 100 pounds overweight you can probably imagine what they were - but I'd rather you didn't. I only mention this to say that I have passed each one of those very inimate milestones. These were the things that caused the most despair and pain in my life.

The road is long - it is sometimes full of potholes and often under construction, but each milestone passed and acknowledged gives hope and vision for the rest of the road. I think this list was one of the keys to my keeping on, in spite of the slow speed of my travel and the occasional setbacks.

I would recommend a list for yourself - especially if you are just starting out....whether for the first time or the 100th time.

What milestones have you passed lately?


bbubblyb said...

I just wanted to say well done. Way to go on dropping those sizes too that's a big accomplishment. Sounds like you've come a LONG way in a year. Keep up the great work.

Stages of Change said...

What an awesome array of things to be able to look back at and see so much progress and success everywhere. Can't wait to see what the next year holds in store!

theantijared said...

Awesome milestones!!!

Carol said...

So it can be done! Great. Keep achieving. Carol

MizFit said...

Oh how I adore the milestone of rolling over without effort.

I think thats one people who have never lost weight before *do not* get/understand and a perfect NSV.

Hide those cookies said...

Karyn, these milestones are so wonderful. I like how personal to you your milestones are and it's motivating to see how many you've reached and how many more you've imagined for yourself. I look forward to reading as you reach each one! What a change a year can make.

Anonymous said...

Great post! That's quite a list of accomplishments but the most important one for me is "I don't hate myself"! That should be at the top of the list and is probably the one that will keep you going :)

Lost Half of Me said...

Great on listing your milestones Karyn! I think it is a great way to keep up with how well our journey is going and how far we have many ways much more important that that single number on the scales! Many of our goals were the same as I went thru my own journey and I just wanted to say you are doing a wonderful job and will reach those goals! My wedding rings and sitting on hubby's lap were huge motivations for me! My real surprise was when I had those rings re-sized and I guessed maybe a 7 and it turned out to actually be a 5-1/2!! Keep up the great work!

Pamela said...

Karyn, I just have to say that I am so thrilled for you! You have come so far. Many of your goals and milestones were/are mine as well!

Natalia said...

I love that you are keeping track of your NSV. Those are such important milestones!!