Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Wednesday Again

It has been a busy week.

Looking back at my food journal, I see I was home for ONE day this past seven days - and that was the day I got my nails done in town, meaning that I was gone for the whole morning.

I should have made a note of the mileage on my car at the start of the week. I have made note of the kms I've driven on behalf of work....850. I'll be putting another 200 kms on today. That total doesn't count the two times I drove to Edmonton (about 110 kms one way) .... once to babysit Kaden, and once for his birthday party. It also does not account for the 70 or so kms I drive every time I 'go to town'.

I've been very thankful that the temperature has been well above freezing all week, melting the snow and ice that had been on the roads - making highway driving easy. The gravel roads (remember, I live in the country) get to be a bit MORE hazardous when the temp goes above 0 in the daytime....the snow cover on the gravel is thicker than on the highway so it melts slower. It melts during the day but as soon as the temp hits 0 again, we have ice. Anyway, I am not here to talk about weather and road conditions, am I?

I'm here to report weight this morning, and my goals this week.

Today's weigh in is 209.2. A LOSS of 1.8 lbs. I officially have a 0 as the middle number! Woo Hoo! Less than 10 lbs to go to ONEDERVILLE. Will I feel any different when I weigh 199? Maybe, maybe not....I guess we'll see. low weight this week was 208.8 and my high weight was 211 last WI day. I'm quite happy with today's weight and this week's loss.

As for goals......well, like I said, it has been a crazy week.

1. Drink 8 cups of water EVERY DAY Averaged HALF of that. What can I say? I was on the road alot....I don't like to have to stop every half hour to 'get rid' of a bunch of water.

2. Take my vitimins at least 5 days This goal was victim to my 'never being home' life this past week. I did not take vitimins even once!

3. Treadmill a minimum of 1 mile or 30 minutes 5 days Another victim to not being home until I was ready to drop.....I did the treadmill ONCE (last Wednesday). Yesterday, I was babysitting Seth all day. I took him out in the stroller and walked up and down their block 3 times. This was not a mile, I'm sure (I should get a pedometer) and I couldn't walk very fast due to the fact that I went out after the temp had started to go down and what had been water from melting snow earlier in the day had turned to ice on the sidewalk in places.

4. Begin to do toning exercises (at least 2 days) Nope...not at all....didn't even dig out a DVD - although I did order a new one (I only have one, actually). Does getting up and down off the floor to play with my grandson count? How about picking up toys? While Seth slept yesterday, I tidied up their house......lots of picking up. Does that count? Well, probably not, but it didn't hurt, and I was happy to be able to help my daughter out in this way.

5. Be more careful to get all exchanges in before it is too late in the evening Oh man, looking back I did not do as well with this as I thought I did. I did not get all my exchanges in on any day - but I did not try to compensate for that just before bed, either. This goal was victim to not being home, for sure.

On the same subject, I also had more NO NO's this week - for the same reason. Both places I babysat had some real special treats in their fridges. Victoria had mini cheesecakes, left over from a fundraiser she had hosted (tart size cakes) I had 2 of them. Kathryn had some of Lana's homemade coconut chocolates in her fridge. Rob and Lana had forgotten to bring them at Christmas, due to the fact that Lana was preoccupied with a brand new baby and all the physical stuff that goes with being just 4 days post partum and Robert's mind was strained just getting 3 little girls and all the gifts into the van while dealing with the fact that he had a fever and stuffed up head. I missed those chocolates (which are more coconut than chocolate) at Christmas.....I made up for it yesterday and ate 4 of them.

While driving this week, I had 3 of those 'cappachino' drinks that you get out of a machine at the gas stations......I have no idea how many calories is in one of them, but they are pretty sweet so probably alot.

When I get a whole week at home and eat all my exchanges with none of the no-no's, who knows what will happen? Don't hold your breath for me to get a whole week at home, though.

6. continue to train myself to not sit at the computer for more than 30 minutes at a time. Well, this week, either the computer was my main companion because I was sitting in a hotel room waiting for my hubby to get off work or I didn't see it at all until just before I was ready to drop into bed. So when I was on the computer, I don't think I ever limited myself to 30 minutes. I noticed, however, that I was very aware of how long I'd been there.

So, how do I feel about not accomplishing a single goal?

"Whatever" ...... that's how I feel. My life is busy, unpredictable, and full. I would prefer more routine, but what can you do? At this time, I never know what is going to come up next.

A large part of the travel this week has had to do with the fact that my husband's truck broke down in the town he is staying in while at work. He works from long before sunup until well after sundown - therefore, I am the one available to chase after parts, arrange for service, take the truck in........Also, his personal gas monitor needed service (the device he attaches to his chest pocket to detect poison gasses and alert him before they get to fatal concentrations) I needed to drop it off in the city south of us (100 km away) then take him the one they loaned him while his was being fixed so that he would be safe. Today I go pick his fixed monitor up. I will wait to take it to him until I also have to pick up my truck (which will be IF the shop gets his truck fixed). Then, I'll have to take the loaner monitor back to the city.

In deference to the unpredictability of my week, I will make my goals thusly:

ON THE DAYS I AM HOME, my goals are as follows:

1. drink 8 glasses of water

2. Take my vitamins

3. Use my treadmill for a minimum of 1 mile each day

4. Use a strength/toning DVD twice (if I'm home that much)

5. Limit my computer time to 30 minute intervals

6. Eat all my exchanges - with no "NO NO's"


1. Drink 5 glasses of water

2. find a way to walk or exercise....park farther away for example - unless the temp drops to 40 below again.

3. When I do get to use the computer, limit my time to 30 min. intervals

4. Do my best to eat cleanly and to avoid just not eating because it is easier

Well, I must go get ready to drive to Red pick up the gas monitor - first, I'll take some time to swallow my vitamins.


~TMcGee~ said...

Good heavens,lady! You are on the go go go. :-) Very good on losing though, you will see onederville in no time at all!

Stages of Change said...

Wow, quite a busy week, I'd say you did just fine for all of that. But being able to make smart adjustments in next weeks goals because of it is the real key, so Well Done!

Pamela said...

Oh my gosh, Karyn! You amaze me! I think you truly are wonder woman! And then to have a loss in the midst of all of that! Wow!

Lyn said...

Obviously you're doing something right since you still had a loss! That's great! Just keep trying but remember you are already doing wonderfully!

Thank you for always coming by and leaving me support. I so appreciate it! I have 2 sick kids this week.. no fun!

I really enjoyed your last post, too, about feeling pretty. I'll say you are very blessed to have that husband! :)

Dale said...

Congrats on the "0" middle number!

arlene said...

Good for you Karyn! You are inspiring me, and this post is no different. It's great that you saw losses when you had a challenging week! Life is unpredictable, and we are not perfect, but we can go from where we are, right?
Go Karyn! Go Karyn! WoooHooo!