Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In

I had a fairly successful week - as far as food goes, anyway.

The scale has me DOWN 0.8 lbs so not too bad. That puts me at 208.4.

I was gone 3 days this week - from Wednesday -Friday ...... I am now driving my truck again, Jim is back in his truck, and he has his own gas monitor. The urgent errands should be at an end.....especially considering he will be finished on this well this week and there are no other jobs on the horizon. At least, not that he has been told about.

As to my goals:

Last week I said:

ON THE DAYS I AM HOME, my goals are as follows:

1. drink 8 glasses of water Still did not accomplish this....I used to drink more than my 8 cups/day but fell out of the habit somehow. I am finding it more difficult to re-establish this habit than it was to establish it in the first place. The last 3 days I am getting closer, however.

2. Take my vitamins Only once

3. Use my treadmill for a minimum of 1 mile each day Only once

4. Use a strength/toning DVD twice (if I'm home that much)Not at all

5. Limit my computer time to 30 minute intervals Nope

6. Eat all my exchanges - with no "NO NO's" Did pretty good here


1. Drink 5 glasses of water Did great here....5 seems to be easy for me to get is the last two that I miss

2. find a way to walk or exercise....park farther away for example - unless the temp drops to 40 below again. It got real cold again.....I did not go for any walks

3. When I do get to use the computer, limit my time to 30 min. intervals Yes, I did this when I was not home

4. Do my best to eat cleanly and to avoid just not eating because it is easier I did pretty well on this goal, getting most of my exchanges in. I had a Kit Kat Single and a small Cappachinno, but otherwise I ate clean.

I am beginning to get discouraged about setting goals since I never seem to quite accomplish them.

I'm quite happy with my rate of loss, it is consistent and is a result of real changes in my mind and my eating habits. This real change did not happen overnight - just because I wanted it to. The goals I set for changing the way I related to eating and to food were met through a slow process. I guess my exercise/fitness goals will take awhile as well. I've only just begun to get serious about setting exercise goals for myself, so maybe I need to cut myself some slack and just keep on setting that goal out there....sooner or later, it will be met every week. It is no longer an effort to eat clean and keep track of what I'm eating, surely that will happen with exercise too. Won't it?

So, in an attitude of 'faith' I will set goals again for this week.....

1. Daily Water.... 8 cups (or 4 bottles) when I am home. 4 cups (2 bottles) when I am on the road.

2. Vitamins at least every other day

3. Eat on plan (I only put that there so there is at least one thing that I can say I accomplished at this time next week)

4. Treadmill every day.

5. Workout DVD's - at least get them out and watch them (I have 2) to get an idea what to look forward to.

Of course, if I am not home, I cannot do #4 & 5.....but I can look for a way to do something that requires movement - even if it is only shopping. I do not expect to be away from home, however, since it sounds like Jim will be coming home at least for awhile.

6. I have lots of computer/desk work that needs to be done this in, not reading blogs....I am going to make a real effort to get up and at least walk down the hallway every 30 minutes. I will keep track in my daytimer what I do to add movement to my desk work.

So, that is my week gone by and a look at my week to come.

Here's to a better report on my goals next week......


biz319 said...

You are almost to "ONEDERLAND!!"


SeaShore said...

Be sure to focus on the positive: what you have accomplished, rather than what you haven't. A goal doesn't have to be about perfection in one week, it can be gradual changes towards the goal. A very positive, forgiving process, so you won't get discouraged!

Good luck this week, and congrats on your 0.8 loss :)

Susan said...

Wow, that's a lot of pressure on one person. I would be setting myself up for failure and the excuse to just give up. I'm not that goal oriented, anyway. I just compete with myself and try to do one more healthy thing each week. Congrats on your loss, hang in there and stay warm and safe! Susan

disa said...