Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick of being sick

Man, I feel yucky. (Excuse the juvenile vocabulary, my brain is too foggy to speak more intelligently). I am still fighting this nasty cold/flu bug.

As soon as I started to feel better, hubby and son both got sick so the virus was still floating around. Had to send my man back to work for 2 weeks before he was well. :( At least he weathered the worst of it at home where he could just rest.

Anyway, the night he left (Tuesday) I had a low grade fever and since then I've have felt not bad or terrible - but never it is more stomach related. Grrrr...hard to begin to implement those lofty exercise goals I made about 3 weeks ago.

I am working on clearing out what was our bedroom and turning it into our spare bedroom - yesterday I worked for a couple hours - including ripping out some carpet. My reward was a feeling of accomplishment and a hip that hurt so bad I could barely walk for the rest of the day. (I've had problems with my hips since my 3rd pregnancy (1981)....getting worse with each one and finally not limited to pregnancies.....probably because I got to be heavier not pregnant than I had been when pregnant.) It has been awhile, though, that I've had so much problem.

I babysat grandson Seth (8 1/2 mo) last night while his mommy was at the recording studio getting her vocals on their demo tape. What fun we had! Even though he is still sick as well, he was a happy boy and Grandma got a great baby fix. But it hurt to stand up and hold him.

You'll forgive this grandma for showing off her oh-so-cute baby, won't you? He's just learning to walk around the furniture and crawl. Actually, he's been at the furniture for about a month, at least. But he's only been crawling on his hands and knees for about a week.

Anyway, as I said, In spite of having the cutest grandkids in the world, I feel blah today - probably doesn't help that I have been waking up multiple times during the nights since my sweetie left. That is very unusual for me - especially adding in problems getting back to sleep. What's with that, anyway?

On a more positive note, I am down 3.4 pounds since Monday.... 8/10 of a pound less than when I first got sick. (You may recall that I gained an unexplained 6.8 pounds in the first few days of being sick) Also, I have been sticking to my eating plan, even though I have not been exercising. Still not doing so good on water, though. For some reason, water tastes disgusting to me when I have a cold.

A couple days ago, I went for a drive to try and capture some of the fall colors on my is one that I think turned out rather well. I do love the colors of fall, even though they are heralding the oncoming winter season.


MizFit said...

first? take care of yourself.

next? I still have to say (GOOD THAT YOURE NOT EXERCISING AND) great job staying on plan while youre not feeling well.

it is so easy to use this time (ive been there done that)as an excuse for all the treat comfort foods!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there babe. Don't push too hard. When you are down and out, do just enough to keep the project manager, you, incouraged. Backwards is not always not going forwards, and going forwards is sometimes going backwards. You just never totally know. The "plan" as fluid as it is, waits for us to be encouraged and continuing on the journey as "we are the journey". It our story that we tell and you do a great job telling your story.

Remember, we are oh so limited in your abilities, but the power of all of creation has got your back. So come out of that foxhole knowing that your sacrifice is seen and forever apreciated. Some days you will feel just about 18 other days well....not 18 that's for shore (Cajun).

Lastly, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evedance of things not yet seen. You can grap hold of something with substance. You can hold it, feel it, smell it even you tears can fall upon it - faith.

new*me said...

woo hoo for the loss! And, ripping out go girl!

I just want to reach out and pinch those little baby cheeks ;)

Wishing your family well vibes. Hubby has been under the weather too but still working. I made a huge pot of chicken and brown rice soup yesterday and loaded it with onion, garlic, tomato sauce, carrots and celery. He said it made him feel better immediately and the rest of the family loved it too so I guess it's going to be on the menu more now!