Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Back....with an NSV

Hey All! Sorry I haven't been around much (at all) this past week....TOM really did a number on me! I did nothing but lay around for 2 days then Thursday, I had an appointment in the city so I took the opportunity to check in at the LA Weight Loss Center. I was pleased that I have lost almost 10 pounds (I forget the exact number) since my last visit about 3 weeks before.

After LA, my sweet MIL took me out for lunch. We went to Applebee's where I had a salad with grilled chicken, dressing on the side and one of their mini desserts. (An indulgence, for sure) I took Mom back home and went in for a bit of a visit which lasted longer than I intended so I did not get home until about 7:30 pm. I was still dealing with a heavy flow, so by that time, I was just too tired to think about food and just went to bed.

Friday became a day where my emotions played havoc with me......going down and working in my library helped, both the physical activity and the distraction.....but I did not eat between breakfast and later in the evening when I suddenly became very hungry. I did not overeat, but the time of night was not the greatest.

Saturday, one of my boys and his wife came out for a visit. They stayed until I had to get ready to go into town - I skipped lunch. My plan was to go to my oldest's son's home to visit with them until time to go to church.

I am one of those Christians that do not make a habit of going to church - long story- but this night, my daughter and SIL were performing one of their own songs during the service. I have not had the opportunity to actually see them perform so I jumped at the chance. Oldest son, etc. were also planning to attend. Daughter dropped her baby off with us while they went early to practice, so I had the delight of caring for my grandboy - feeding him his supper, cuddling him, etc and did not take time for supper. (tsk tsk) was a pleasant experience and I was so proud of my kids! They did so well. My SIL is a very talented songwriter - except that his genre is rap. I don't understand a word he is "rapping". LOL. I have, however, read the lyrics and they are great! My daughter takes after her dad - she has a sweet, pure voice for which SIL has written melodic choruses and verses to go with his rap. They are preparing to enter a talent search contest next month - this was their first performance of one of their entry songs. They will be recording this and one other next week.

This is the chorus:

"Jesus, you love me as I am

At odds with the love I find in man

All that I have comes from your hand

Jesus you love me as I am"

It is a beautiful, simple melody on this part.

Their goal is to be able to sell some of their music and so become financially self-sufficient while they are working with Youth With A Mission in Zambia - beginning next fall.

So....back to my story......

After the service, there was cake and ice cream to celebrate a couple birthdays that had happened during the week. By this time I was very hungry and I did NOT want to succumb to the sweets, so I left.

Again, I ate within my plan, but much later in the evening than I should have.

Today, I was invited to lunch at a friend's home. She knows about my weight loss efforts so checked with me on her menu - salmon and salad. She is a wonderful cook, no matter how simple a meal, so it was very was the visit. I still ended up having supper later than usual - about 8 pm - but the weekend is over and TOM is almost done with and I can get back on a more regular schedule.


But, I've saved the real news for last.........Can you imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale the second day of TOM and found a LOSS of 2.8 pounds!!!! That is not supposed to happen! That weight was maintained for a day and since then I am up 1 pound. Still, an overall loss during a time that I normally gain!

The best thing, WAY better than the scale's numbers is this:

I have been wearing my wedding rings for 4 days and 4 nights!!! This is the first time since I can't even remember when that I've been able to keep them on for more than a few hours - and NEVER overnight! (I get claustrophobic when my rings are not a little loose) I love my rings and it has been one of the greatest disappointments of gaining weight that I could not wear them. I even had them sized up several years ago - that worked for about a year.

This is one of the first MAJOR milestones in my weight loss journey. Another will be when I have to get them sized down again.

Who cares what the scale says? I can wear my rings!

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~Crystal said...

Congrat's on the weight loss and that you can wear your ring comfortably!!! That's must be very exciting for you!!! And I hope your feeling much better. :0)

Karyn said...

Thanks, Crystal...I am feeling better - much more normal, which is a relief, especially after having such a rough week!

Hide those cookies said...

That weight loss is great and your NSV is even better!!! That's great news. Great job!

new*me said...

It must be a great feeling to have the ring on again :) Congrats on the loss for the week!!!