Thursday, July 30, 2009

WI Report

It's a day late, but I'm reporting my weekly weigh in results.

Are you ready for it? (Drum roll, please)

A LOSS of 2.4 lbs.


I'm still not too happy with the actual weight, since I was hovering around 207 for several weeks in May/June....BUT I'm on the way back there!

It has been another busy week - although not so hectic as last week.

My daughter and grandbaby are doing well, my hubby is home for some time off (2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months? who knows?) (2 weeks would be nice)

We are, however, having frustrations with our internet.....we are paying for satelite internet and have a wireless router.....BUT the router hasn't worked for some time. So, we've been setting up 'ad hoc' networks on one computer or the other and that way we could both be connected at the same time. But even that hasn't been working for the last month or so.....consequently, when Jim is home, only one of us can be on the internet at a time - frustrating because we like to do things together when we are together. :D

My eating habits are still in need of more discipline and I need to incorporate exercise into my days (the story of my life). On the positive side, I'm back to writing everything down (and I mean everything). Obviously, since I show a loss this week, I've done something right when it comes to food choices. I'm just not quite happy with my mindset yet....but it is coming.

I guess it was just too good to be true - the way my thinking had changed so completely. I was finding it quite easy to let old habit fall away, to think 'healthy' all the time, to avoid the pitfalls, to be happy with a small portion of a sweet only once in awhile......I thought it was 'easy' for me because I had tried and failed so many times....that this time, something just 'clicked'. Well that is true....something did just 'click' in my brain - and it carried me through just past a year.

I found, however, that even though the 'new' habits were pretty well entrenched, a prolonged period of stress and grief rubbed the sharpness off them. I guess it is just a matter of sharpening those habits back up so that they are more effective again.

Well, I'm off to enjoy some time with my hubby - after he takes his turn on the internet - have a great day! Maybe I'll find time to be back before next WI day....I hope so, but if I'm not here, I'll be at my other blog at least twice.

Hope y'all have a successful week!


Stages of Change said...

Way to Go! Congratulations!!! Here's to another great week!

Erin Huggins said...

Way to go! Keep up the hard work. Cheers, Erin