Saturday, July 11, 2009

So I wrote a whole post this morning about my day yesterday and why the numbers on the scale this morning should have showed some kind of loss.........

I wrote it in WORD because so often my computer will simply erase whole sections of what I write and Blogger doesn't have an undo button. I often do this, then copy and paste it into Blogger.

HOWEVER, it won't let me paste!!! What's with that?

I've also been having problems with posting won't let me move them around.

I am getting a little frustrated with this program.

Anyway, the reason I wrote what I did was because the scale showed a 3 pound GAIN this morning!

I did not follow my 'plan' perfectly, but I was not out of line as far as calories go..... I drank all my water, and then some......AND I worked hard for 3 hours, hilling about 250 potatoe plants with my husband. I was so sore and tired after that, I could barely make it out of the garden and onto the tractor for the ride back to the house.

I was a little frustrated, to say the least. And, all day I've felt FAT. Really, 3 pounds shouldn't make me feel must be all in my head, but when I feel fat, I act fat.....that is, I act like I am unattractive and insecure. I don't like me when I act like that. All because the scale tells me the opposite of what I think it should say.

Ah well.....the numbers on the scale are, after all, the epitome of fickle. It will all work out in the end - or OFF the end, as the case may be.


Fat[free]Me said...

I am definitely having a hard time with Blogger myself at the moment, posting is OK, but commenting on some blogs is a nightmare!

I love your pictures and your gardening is just awesome.

It is impossible to gain 3lbs just like that - no idea what it is though!

Hope it slips off again just as easily.

Shelley said...

I totally get that "feeling fat" just by what the scale says, even though before I weighed, I didn't feel that I know it's a mental thing, but still, it's hard to deal with. Maybe it's just a combination of the heat and your muscles holding onto the water? Whatever, I hope you get a happy reading on the scale soon!

Re blogger - it's been messed up lately. But I noticed yesterday that the scheduling problem was finally fixed. Hate the frustration that goes along with blogger sometimes!

Karyn said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies! The scale numbers are, as I said, fickle. This morning I am back to the pre-three pound nonsense.

Lisa said...

I totally get what you mean about "acting fat." You are doing an awesome job with your WL and your pics show it!

- Lisa

SeaShore said...

Those 3 pounds were fluid retention. Those sore muscles retain fluid to help them heal.

Glad you're back to 3 pounds ago!