Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photos to go with the post below

This is most of the east half of our field.....all 'voluntary' grasses. In other words....weeds. We keep it mowed so it looks nice and so the weeds don't become a problem for our farmer neighbors.

I bought 2 'patio tomatoes' from the greenhouse this spring. When I picked them up at the beginning of June, they already had plenty of fruit on them.....I cannot wait for these to ripen so I can have 'fresh off the vine' tomatoes on my back deck.

My flower 'gardens' are in containers displayed on the back deck. No weeding necessary. Detracts from the shabbiness of our run down back deck.

We planted almost 400 hills of potatoes. I can't get the whole garden in one photo, but this is most of them - as of this past Sunday. They need to be hilled - and weeded - badly, but it is too muddy this week.

These are my 4 raised beds at the west side of our yard......these have suffered from the lack of moisture and the lack of consistent heat.....many seeds did not even germinate. I have replanted several rows - hopefully, we'll get some sunshine after this week of rain and the new seeds will prosper.

The weeds, however, have done well. I've had to keep on top of the weeding as much as I've had to make sure to water for an hour a day.


Shelley said...

WOW - you have been busy!!! I am in awe of the amount of work that takes to grow your own veggies - but I'll bet they taste so good!!

Anonymous said...

I Just love the photos of your garden,it is interesting to compare to my veg garden in Australia. Just think of the fitness and weight loss value by working so hard with the vegetables as well?

SeaShore said...

Hope my tomatoes do as well as yours! They're barely past seedling stage.