Friday, October 17, 2008


I am going to expect a significant gain tomorrow morning (as in at least 1 pound).

Jim invited ourselves and everyone else to Robert and Lana's to watch the hockey game - Alberta rivalry....Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames. This idea was met with enthusiasm by everyone. Only Michael could not be there as he had to work.

We volunteered to bring some snacks...... A few months ago, Jim and I made a pact with each other to not provide snacks or "treats" to our children/grandchildren that are not healthy. With this in mind, Jim decided to get some crackers and cheese and sausage when we got to town.

I decided to make some cookies - but I wanted to make low fat so Lana could eat at least one. Every recipie for low fat cookies I could find called for applesauce. I had no applesauce and the store is 1/2 hr away so I chose to take my usual chocolate chip cookie recipie and tweak it to make it low fat, low cal, and healthy.

I used diet margarine instead of regular margarine.
I used Splenda instead of sugar.
I used Egg Beaters instead of eggs.
I used Whole Wheat flour instead of white flour.
I used Chocolate Chips - no substitues. BUT I measured them and used only 1 cup instead of just pouring them in.

Of course, I had to taste the batter.

It was not good.

I added 1/4 C brown sugar and 2 Tbs skim milk.

Better, but still not very good.

I added a banana.

Still didn't taste very much like cookies.

By this time, I had probably eaten the equivalent of 3 cookies.

I baked the dough. They came out to be pretty "cakey" and did not taste bad, as long as you didn't expect them to taste like cookies. I only had a bite, honest! I let Jim do the taste test.

When I was looking for applesauce, I came across a box of 94% fat free popcorn in large bags. I brought several boxes of this popcorn (in small bags) home with me when we moved back from Louisiana in the spring. We cannot get 94% fat free here. (at least, I haven't found any) The big bags are a whole 4 or even 6 carbs for me so I thought I would take this box to Lana so she could have an almost fat free treat.

After a quick supper (Meatloaf made with bison meat, carrots from our garden, and potatoes from our garden) we loaded up the "cakeys", the popcorn, and my water bottle and headed into town.

Our first stop was the grocery store where we bought some rice crackers, cheese, and sausage (I know, rather high in fat, but healthier than chips). I also picked up a box of Breyer's 98% fat free ice cream cups for Lana.

Kathryn brought whole wheat wraps which she spread with tuna and cream cheese then cut into bite size pieces.

To my surprise, the cookies were a hit! Danny said they were a cross between a cookie and a muffin. Everyone liked them alot. I still did not have one, and although I had to consciously NOT have a piece of sausage and cheese, it was not hard to resist.

My problem came after I finished my water - the second period of the game was over, and I was beginning to feel hungry. I had 2 of Kathryn's wraps (so good). Then Lana had made herself one of the bags of popcorn but could only eat 1/2. (She has the eating habits of the thin person she is.) She offered me the other half and I took it. That is 2 starches....on top of the approximately 3 cookies I had already "tasted" and whatever the wraps would have counted. THEN I remembered the "ice cream" I bought for Lana. Of course, when I showed them to her, she wanted one right away.

So did I.

2 more starches. I am only supposed to have 4 starches all day. I had already had 2 with my meals before I even left the house!

I feel overfull and more than a little disappointed with myself. I know it wasn't a whole lot, but I just felt like I was letting myself down. Usually, if I indulge, it is with forethought and planning. None of this was planned.

On a positive note, we had a fun family night and considering that it was planned at the last minute, we were very thankful that everyone (but Mike) could be there. Even Victoria came down from the city with Kaden. She brought her Flames (boo, hiss) jersey - mostly to torment Robert, I think. To make up for it, Kaden wore his Oilers bib.

Here are the jerseys on display tonight:

L to R: Kaden, Andrew, Victoria, Robert, Emma

On an even more positive note......The Oilers won!!!!! YAY! (Sorry, Lisa). This broke a fairly long-running "curse"..... for the last couple years, every time Jim and Robert have had the opportunity to watch an Oilers vs Flames game together, the Oilers lose. After tonight, no more.

I don't really know if it was a good game or not....except for the cheering...because I was having fun watching the babies play. Kaden started crawling today for the first time.


Anonymous said...

lets hope that they scale is friendly....

Lyn said...

Sounds like you really did okay. I dunno about you, but I probably would have eaten a LOT more than that!!

Do you like salsa? When I have to have a snacky thing, I bring salsa (I love fresh salsa, but jarred is ok too). Then a bag of baked or healthier type corn chips for everyone and some celery for me. Celery is good with salsa! Oh and hummus is yummy too, with baby carrots. Just another idea for you :)

I so appreciate all your supportive comments on my blog. I had a rough time lately but I think I have pulled out of it.

~TMcGee~ said...

What a fun night! I know you feel that you didn't do "great" in the food department but at least you made low fat choices. :-) I bet you won't be up hardly anything in the morning.