Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick look at my life today

I'm moving rather slowly today. I mentioned a few posts back that my hips sometimes give me problems....today is one of those days. I was full of energy yesterday and worked at turning a room full of stuff into a welcoming spare bedroom. Lots of physical labor, but like I said, I was full of energy - it was great! Today, for the first time since we started having babies, we have a room dedicated to having company! That feels good.

Yesterday, Lyn at www.escapefromobesity.blogspot.com posted a challenge of sorts - the first of 16 habits to establish in our lives that will result in a healthier lifestyle.....Drink your water. Before I read her post, I had discussed with my husband some of the "diet" goals I had for this week. The first was to drink all my water every day. I have been slack on this lately. So, the challenge was very timely for me. I actually set a timer to go off every 30 minutes to remind me to go have a drink. And, I got all 2000 ml in!

Something else that I have accomplished in the last couple days - I have gone through all my clothes and packed up 1 1/2 good size bins full of clothing that is too big! Hooray! The thing about having gained weight is that there were things in my closet that were too small but now fit, so I don't need to go replacing a whole lot. That was fun, let me tell you! And to think that I will be able to do it again, probably 2 more times!

I have another project that I am working on today - involving lots of carrying and toting from the trailer into the house. It would go alot faster if I wasn't so stiff.....well, at least my hip doesn't hurt as much as it did last time I posted about this problem. The good thing is that sitting makes it worse - moving helps a little (even though the movement is slow). That being said, I'd better finish up here so I can get moving again.....


\vinj&kath said...

Good on ya for packing all those clothes! Must feel great! I cant wait to take my smaller ones out!

Hide those cookies said...

How wonderful to have all those clothes that are too big! Great job! Hope things improve with your hips.