Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weigh In

Well, bad news again.....I gained a pound.

My weight fluctuated between 206.0 and 209.2 this week so I guess 208.2 is better than the 209.2.

I had one day this week ....Friday night to Saturday night when I gave in WAY too much. I had that Cherry Blossom I wrote about, a Pep Bar, 2 cappachinos, and TWO pieces of that chocolate cake I made for my son. All in a 24 hour period. Add to that maybe 3 more bites of the cake over the next couple days.

Also, my water intake has been way down. I just forget to drink it.

My meals have been fine - healthy choices was the treats and the lack of water, I'm sure.

I think I've kind of hit a spot in my mind where I'm a little unmotivated. Just a little.

Could be peripheral happenings that have been occupying my mind.....the major problem I can't tell you about, for one.

And now, our youngest grandbaby (3 months old) has pneumonia. He is not hospitalized, yet. But he will be if he gets any worse. He throws up as soon as he is given his medicine, so unless Lana figures a way to get it into him, he will need to be put on IV.

The good news is that my man is still working. He never knows if the job he is being sent to will be the last or not, but they keep giving him wells.....that is good. The longer he can work now, the longer we can last over spring. After Spring Break Up.....we still do not know much. His boss has indicated that if there is any work, Jim will be one of those being called - at least for a week a month.

I've been spending much time lately studying about gardening. It has been several years since we had a garden and we didn't have much time to put into the ones we had in years past - between homeschooling 5 kids and chasing after 4 kids in ball every night of the week and all day Saturdays and Sundays.

So, since Jim will be home for most of the summer and we no longer have school and ball to take us away from the garden, we want to be able to have the best one possible. I am even going to start some plants indoors within the next couple weeks.

Our average last day of frost around here is between May 15 and 25. Most people put their gardens in on the "May long weekend" (May 16 - 18 this year). My research has told me that we can plant several seeds well before long as the ground can be tilled. I'm a person that likes to know ahead of time how to do something....I don't like to just jump in and do it. Even when we started our first garden in 1994, I did lots of reading ahead of time.

If nothing else, the garden should get me outside every day this summer. I'm hoping that having shed almost 50 pounds of weight, I will be able to bear the heat better this year. Normally, I stay inside.....I don't wear shorts or sleeveless tops (for obvious reasons) and being outside in jeans is VERY uncomfortable. I usually stay inside my air conditioned house.

That may be a weight loss benefit I haven't even thought of before!

It may even be a motivator.

Sounds like I need to refocus, doesn't it?

I'm off now, to the city to visit number 2 son and his family.....have supper and then hang out for an hour or two. Hubby is working night shift last night and tonight (at least) so I haven't talked to him since last night...... I'm sure he'll be calling soon - once he is up and on his way to his location.

TaTa.....I will try to have better news next week!


new*me said...

Hope that grandbaby gets better soon!!! We use to mix our son's with ice cream ;)

Good luck with your garden!!! Hubby is doing a pretty big one this year.

Sending you motivation........

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I know how tough it can be to get off track. Hang in there. I would suggest maybe a food log and to write a dash down everytime you have water to keep an eye on it. Also maybe instead of cappuchino try a good green tea.
I messed up this weekend too, I went to a Seafood Buffet, it was soo good but I am paying for it now.

arlene said...

I watched a DVD this week, "You on a Diet", and the one thing that really hit home was the advice to not let a *wrong turn* cause you to get lost. It's like when you're driving with the GPS guiding you and you make a mistake. Soon (immediately) a voice says "Make a legal U-turn at the next possible opportunity". And if you don't panic, and just make the U-turn and continue on in the right direction, you will make it to your destination just fine. Sure, it takes a little longer, but it's no big deal.

You've had a lot of distractions on your journey lately, but you are still heading in the right direction. Keep the tank full and carry on!


Heather said...

sorry to hear that the scale was unkind this week, but at least you have identified what could have led to the gain, and know what you can do next week. some weeks are harder than others, so just make the best that you can of whats left of it, and then focus on having a great week next week.

carla said...

thoughts and prayers for your g'baby.
and the pound? no worries.
stay on track and it will vanish QUICKLY.

~Crystal said...

Karyn, I really hope your grandson feels better real soon. (((HUGS TO BABY)))

Don't be too hard on yourself about motivation. I know exactly where you are!! I've been there for a while with this stupid plateau thing. We're about the same weight right now!! :) So let's just promise ourselves we'll eat healthy meals and stick this out. We can & will do it!!!

SeaShore said...

I hope your grandson is better soon.

How about a tick sheet for drinking water? Post it in the kitchen so you'll remember to drink it.

Try to drink extra water when you indulge in sugary or salty treats. I don't know if it helps, but I do know it doesn't hurt!