Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get My Drift?

Just thought I'd share a few pictures of our snow day.

OK, I exaggerated a bit on saying the drift was 4 feet high this morning. But it WAS past the bumper on my truck! Here is a photo from this morning, after I went through the drift twice.

By mid afternoon the sun had come out and the wind had quit blowing but the drift was not only filled in again, it was bigger and wider. This time, even my testosterone riddled 19 year old son did not think the truck could get through. We will be lucky if the plows have done our road by tomorrow night, so.....Daniel dug out enough of the drift to get the truck through. When the plow comes by, it will come in and clear the whole driveway and the yard.

You can see my truck's tire marks heading into the drift from the morning and you can also see where Daniel has started to dig through. The road is just this side of that power pole in the background. It was pretty cold to be working outside, but Dan was bundled up. I was surprised at how quickly he was through.....I think he was glad to do some hard work since he had to stay home from his job (hard labor, most of the time).
The next two photos are just some pictures that Danny took on his camera. I just thought they were kind of cool.

This is an old grainery/shed that is on our property. We live on what was once a farm...old fences and buildings. This photo shows some of the 'sculpturing' of the snow done by the wind.

The fence around our front yard is 3 feet high, so that gives an idea how high this drift is. I think it is interesting how there is a space between the snow and the fence. There is this same kind of drift around our trailer, too.

I will be posting some more 'storm' photos on my Project 365 blog, if you are interested.


~TMcGee~ said...

I don't want it but it is beautiful. :-)

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Wow I am from Utica, NY. I have seen a lot of snow, but that is crazy, especially the area in between the fence and the snow.

bbubblyb said...

Karyn, loved the pictures.

SeaShore said...

That's a lot of snow, especially for March!

Neat picture of the drifts.

Skye's the Limit said...

Now that is a lot of snow! My goodness!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, though. I love the one of the old shed. It's so beautiful.

arlene said...

I remember visiting you in the middle of a snow storm (to celebrate New Years?) back when the boys were babies and pushing snow with the bumper of our Toyota van to try and get out in the wee hours. It really drifts out there!
Nice photos. Glad you're not still snowed in. Yeah Dan!

kristisummer said...

i want a snow day:)

new*me said...

wow!!! We didn't get much snow at all here in KS this winter! I wasn't too upset about it though ;)

Karyn said...

Just to be clear....although it is not a freak of nature, we do not normally get this much snow - and, in fact, it looks like more than what actually fell. It was the wind - blowing the snow into big drifts. If we did not live out on the prairie, we would not have as much wind - or the drifts.

Our winters are normally pretty cold and dry - the midwestern states and the eastern provinces get far more snow than we do, in an average winter.

This winter we have had extreme cold for long periods and then very warm (above freezing) for long stretches and back to extreme cold. With the warmer weather comes the chance of snow.

Guess that is one reason to be thankful for the extreme cold today. (started out at more than 30 degrees below freezing and is now a mere 24 below) VERY cold for March.

Hopefully, that means that March is coming in like a lion and will go out like a lamb.

Of course, for this family, extended cold means a longer working season - at least we can hope.