Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weigh in report

Sorry, I'm a day late here.....

I spent the day yesterday in the city with son Michael, DIL Victoria, and Grandson Kaden and did not get home until quite late - very tired. (I hadn't slept well the night before)

Our main activity for the day was to take Kaden (14 mo) to 'Chuck E Cheese's'......a wannabe restaurant that is a mecca for kids' birthday parties. I say 'wannabe restaurant' because apparently the food is pretty bad - we didn't eat, just let Kaden (and his parents) play on the rides and games.

We went out for supper, and since Victoria is pregnant and still in the stage where she is a little 'picky' about what her stomach will tolerate, she got to choose the restaurant. She chose Boston Pizza. By the time we got there, I was VERY hungry and the thought of another salad as my meal just wasn't 'doing it' for me. (We had salad for lunch)

I had lasagne. Certainly not my best choice, had less cheese on it than the other lasagne I get points for that? LOL I didn't worry about it, just enjoyed it. I knew that even if it added a little to the scale for today - it was more important that we have a nice, enjoyable supper together.

So, I said all that to explain why I didn't post my weigh in yesterday. I did weigh in before I left for the city and ..... I am DOWN 1.8! Yay! Actually, my weight yesterday is the lowest I've posted on my ticker. Of course, by today, I am up a bit, thanks to the lasagne (probably) but that is this week.....last week I lost. And there's plenty of time to get rid of the .6 lbs I'm up this morning.

BTW I have managed to incorporate ONE aspect of exercise into my day - almost every day. It is not much, but I decided to get one thing made into a habit, then I'll add one more thing. (I tend to get overwhelmed with things that are 'big' and then do nothing) So, 5 out of 7 days last week I did pushups off the countertop. (I've been doing this consistently for a few weeks now) I am up to at least 60 ...sometimes I've made as high as 70. When I can do 100 easily I will start doing "girl pushups" (from the knees). This is pretty much enough a part of my day that I don't even think about it - just do them.

Next step......I think my Pilates DVD - it is divided into 10 minute long workouts. If I can start putting small things in, I think I can work up to longer workouts.

So my goal this week (unless some major change happens to derail me) is to do at least one of the Pilates workouts each day. I doubt I'll make every day, but.......that is my goal.


~TMcGee~ said...

Good job on the loss! Annette gave me the link from Amazon for her pedometer. So, I ordered one and I have to say I love it! It has motivated me to walk, I find myself taking extra steps here and there just to get that count higher.
Yesterday, it said I walked 4.91 miles....I love it! Maybe that would be an option for you?

Sandy said...

WTG!!! Wishing you all the best on your exercise goal. You can do it.

ps: the food is baaaaaad there, lol.

Lyn said...

Congrats on the loss! You reminded me that I have been forgetting my counter push ups! I was doing them a couple times a week and slacked off, but I'll get back on that. I love how it makes my arms feel.

Anonymous said...

I'll get ya out choppin' wood...that'l put some meat onto those bones. But you will have to wear safety side-shields on you fancy new glasses.

new*me said...

small changes are the way too go! Great weigh in :) I have had the pizza at chuck e cheese and it was pretty good :) but pricey.

Love the pic!

Natalia said...

Great job! Love the pic!