Sunday, May 1, 2011

More travel Woes Due to Extra Weight

As I sat pinned into the front seat of Vinjelu's car, I wondered how much weight I would have to lose in order to be strapped in without using the entire length of the belt, resulting in literally choking me.  I had NO give in the shoulder strap at all.   Even when I moved the seat all the way back, there wasn't enough belt to easily go around my bulk.

When I looked at the photos my husband took of me playing in the pool with the grandkids, I could see why I have this seatbelt problem.

Ugh!  Gross.

Although, my husband also made a point of telling me that my bathing suit is very attractive and I look very nice in it - when I am standing up, anyway.

What would I do without my hubby?


arlene said...

Karyn, make the memories of the time in the pool with the kids the center. I have friends of all sizes, one under 100 lbs, and everyone always feels like they don't look good enough. Maybe your hubby is the wisest. The sight of the one you love, surrounded by babes and children is the most beautiful sight. I know my hubby feels the same. Why can't we see ourselves with those eyes?
Hugs to beautiful you,

Lyn said...

hugs. I have missed reading your blog and am enjoying 'hearing' about your experience in Africa!

Laura said...

The best support system you can have is by having people who love you and understand you around you.