Thursday, May 19, 2011

Losses, but not in a recommended way

Well, we are home.

My husband lost 15 pounds while we were gone.  Actually, he lost it in the last 2 weeks, but I would not recommend the path he took.

He got Dystentery - which is far, far worse than food poisoning and lasts much longer.

He was in hospital on IV medication for 4 days and on a most limiting diet for two weeks - rice, yogurt, and bananas.

We saw first hand how someone who has no choice but to eat the same thing day after day will soon just not eat and eventually starve to death.  He went from eating a good sized bowl of rice (he loves rice) a couple times a day to eating only about a cup of rice a day - and maybe a cup of yogurt.  He said he wasn't hungry, but of course he needed to eat - how can a 6 ft tall 230 lb man NOT be hungry with only 2 cups of food in his stomach in a day?    But the repetition of the same bland food over and over took his appetite and his desire for food completely away.    I was very glad when he was finally able to resume eating a variety of different foods.

Anyway........obviously, dystentery and a bland repetitive diet is not a healthy way to lose weight.

For myself, well, it depends on which day you look at.  My weight has been different every day we've been home. (3 days)  At the lowest weight, I was down 7.2 lbs.   At the highest, I was still down but only by 4.8 lbs.  Today I'm in between.  

Bottom line - I did lose some weight.

The last two weeks were probably when I was doing the most losing - visiting my husband in the hospital, caring for him at home, the extra busyness of the last week, the stresses we were facing during those two weeks, the fact that many nights I just didn't cook because I would have been the only one eating......

We returned home from our week in Livingstone and stopped only long enough to pick up milk for the babies and eggs and butter for us. The next day was a very busy day at home (big party on the base) so no grocery shopping.  Jim went into hospital that night.  No time for shopping all that week.

When I finally did get to the store, as I said, there were not many nights that we all ate and I had gotten used to eating only once during the day.   

So, whatever weight I lost was not done in a disciplined manner either.

The challenge this week is to begin to eat with an eye to health and weight loss - even while enjoying the Western food we are accustomed to.  (It is different, after all)


Anonymous said...

The low carb is really working for me. I've been eating on plan with no off plan days. I do not crave carbs or sweets, which is a miracle to me. It's working slow and sure. I feel so much better all around, and I am just not hungry for junk. Try to watch "Sugar: The bitter Truth" on youtube and tell me what you think. I'm starting to feel "normal", and not worry so much about what i am eating...what a great thing that is for me.

Anonymous said...

Also...It's great to come back from a holiday weighing LESS!!!!
xo arlene

Revitol Pore Minimizer said...

very true hunny. Love the post and honesty!

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