Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weigh In

OK, I've been putting this off long enough.

I have to report a gain.....a significant gain. 1.6 pounds to be exact. My weight this morning is 208.6.

It could have been worse because yesterday, I weighed in at 211.0 I was mad! And a little confused, until I read back in my food journal.

I eat basically the same things every day......a smoothie for breakfast that takes up all my dairy and fruit for the day, a chicken sandwich for lunch that uses half a protein, 2 carbs and 1 fat, then usually a big bowl of Taco Soup (1 protien, 1 carb, and 2 veggies). I'll usually add a big lettuce salad later on to give me the rest of my veggies and a good bit of fibre and another fat. Sometimes, I will have a regular supper instead of the soup- usually a bison burger on a flatbread bun along with a big salad. Since I am usually eating alone, this routine saves me from thinking about what to eat and also from cooking. Oh, yes....the LA Weight Loss plan includes 2 bars every day. I haven't gone to the center for ages to pick up my bars so I've been using SlimFast bars (200 cal ea) I have 2 of these each day, as well.

These were the differences this week:

1) I had lunch on Friday with 2 of my sons and 1 of my daughters. I ordered a chicken pita with a side salad. There was far more lettuce than chicken on the pita and the dressing was tzatziki so I really did not think it was too far off plan, if at all.

sidenote: It was announced at this meal that I was getting a new grandbaby at the end of September! Yes, Michael and Victoria are pregnant! Kaden will be a big brother. This is grandchild number 8 for us. We are very excited.

2) Jim came home Friday night and was home until Tuesday night. I did not alter my meals on his behalf.....I cooked whatever he wanted for him and ate my usual meals.

3) Sunday, I baked some cookies for Jim to take back to work with him. I ate one cookie after they were baked and had probably 2 or 3 before they went into the oven. Bad, Bad, Bad.

4) Monday I had a hungry day. I just couldn't feel satisfied, no matter what. I was so hungry in the evening I couldn't ignore it. I still had a carb left, so I had 10 Kashi crackers and some salsa. I was still not satisfied, so I had 5 more crackers for another 1/2 carb. I also had two Cadbury Thin Chocolate bars (100 cal ea) As well, I had an extra protein that day because I had soup plus a Bison Burger.

5) Yesterday, I was not hungry and ate normally again - in fact, by bedtime, I still had not had 1 protein, 2 veggies, and 1 carb so I was under for the day. I figured that might balance my hungry day on Monday.

I did not do too bad on water all week.....sometimes even getting in the whole 8 cups but yesterday I only had 1 full bottle of water. (2 cups)

I did not get on the treadmill this week, but I've been doing counter pushups every morning. I am up to 40.

I also did my Pilates Core Fusion DVD one day........I like it. The exercises are simple, but not easy! I think I can get into this. I did 4 of the 5 workouts on Thursday then, as I said, Jim came home. For some reason, I do not want to do any kind of workout in front of him. What is with that? I haven't thought about it enough to analyze my neurosis about this, maybe I'm embarassed at how unfit I am - how clumsily I do the moves - or how much of a contrast there is between me and the instructors on the TV.

When I was standing in line at the bank on Friday, I did some of the Pilates moves that target the thighs and butt (modified so it wasn't obvious).....I am a person of contradictions, for sure.

I was a little sore on Friday and by that night, I was in such pain I had trouble sleeping! Saturday I could barely lower myself to sit on the toilet, my thighs hurt so much. When Jim moved in bed and accidently touched my leg I just about hollered!

This kind of pain is meant that I had really worked my muscles. But it also meant that even if I could get past the silliness of not wanting to exercise 'in front' of my husband, I probably couldn't have. Monday the pain was gone and I should have done it again - but instead, I just spent a quiet day with my hubby - watching all the equipment neccessary for drilling a Coalbed Methane Well move in and set up in the field across the road from us. Since this is our livlihood, we are both quite familiar with the equipment being trucked past our front window. Jim, of course, is intimately familiar and was analyzing how deep the well would be and if it was horizontal or vertical - based on what was going past the house. (I've posted a few photos on my "Project 365" blog if you are interested.)

So, that is my week. I didn't think my few transgressions added up to so many - I should have been looking back in my food journal every day to realize that one day of bad bad bad was being added to another day of not so good. Back to boring but effective for me.....and another shot at the Pilates DVD.

On another personal DIL 'found' this blog and asked me if I was comfortable with her reading it. A few months ago, I may have said no, but now I can honestly say "Welcome, Victoria!" Hopefully, she will leave some comments so y'all can say hi to her. :D My daughter Kathryn and my hubby Jim are the only other family members that I know of that read this blog. (Kathryn posts as 'vinjath' or something like that).


MeltingLisa said...

Reading what your week was like, I sure don't see why you had a gain, your "bad moments" sure weren't terrible!

Kepp on trucking .... just a small bump in the road :)

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I just took a quick look at your pics, Excellent job on your weight loss!! Congratulations, it is quit a journey but it is possible.

arlene said...

One week out of a year of doing so well. You're doing awesome! I'm still working on my treadmill. I am trying (not so successfully) to do it everyday. At least I can go faster now! Keep on with the motivating posts!!
BTW, I saw the announcement about baby #8. Congratulations!!

Natalia said...

Karyn, 1.6 isn't that bad. Like they say at WW meeting the scale is feed back of when you need to change things. You're already looking back in your journal and figuring out what needs to be done differently....good for you! That 1.6 will be gone in no time. :)

~TMcGee~ said...

I wish that your "bad" eating days would roll my way! LOL I am betting you will see that scale move right on back down by next weigh in. Don't lose heart, lady, you will get there.

*waves hi* to Victoria if she is reading. :-)

Susan said...

Sounds like a pretty respectable week to me. I say Yay on 40 counter push ups. People don't realize how effective these are. Congrats on grand baby #8. My Hubby and I don't work out in front of each other either... and your muscles probably really needed to rest anyway. I want to welcome Victoria, too. Now I'm off to check out your other blog which I just discovered. Have a great day! Susan

Lyn said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby on the way!!

And, Victoria, you are sooo blessed to have such a fantastic woman as your MIL!! But I'm sure you know that already :)