Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weigh In

Well, it is "Weighty Wednesday" again. LOL

I weighed in this morning at 207.0......a loss of 1.4! Yipee!

I did much better at my water intake this week - meeting my goal of 4 bottles (500 ml each) per day most days.

I did not get on the treadmill even once, however....and I cannot find my workout DVD that uses resistance bands. I can find the bands, but not the DVD. It is not like it would be likely to be anywhere but near a DVD player.......I know when I last used it (when I was in Louisiana) therefore, it should be in the trailer - and the trailer is not that big that there could be many places for it to 'hide'. I wouldn't have lent it out without the is a mystery. One that I don't need solved in order to do strength training. I can use the bands without the DVD....goodness knows, there are instructions for exercises everywhere you look. (BTW...MisFit was guest poster on Escape From Obesity today.....she posted a video of simple strength training exercises using I really have no excuse!) Also, I got the 'Core Fusion Pilates Plus' DVD that I ordered in the mail last week.

I've never been very good about working out at home - driving half an hour to town and going to Curves worked for me for a long time - and I enjoyed the workout. However, with the downturn in the Oil Patch, we are looking at a very lean spring/summer and have decided to cancel my membership there (not that I've been using it since spring anyway).

So, it is time to be my own gym. I am well equipped to do so....I have a treadmill and an elliptical machine.....resistance bands in 3 tensions.....a DVD that I can find......a DVD somewhere else......a step and the DVD to go with it......the boys even left their weights and bench in the basement when they moved out (just have to clean the basement enough to find them) I have no excuse except that I procrastinate and I never seem to have enough hours in my day.

Procrastination is the biggest problem in my life.....all aspects of my life. In this case, I just put off actually exercising until it is really too late or there are other things that are really pressing. Once I get started on a routine, I look forward to it and do not is just getting going.

Lack of discipline is part of procrastination and I have that in spades as well. For example....if I would go to bed and go to sleep (as in, don't read half the night) before midnight I could get up early enough to start my day with exercise. Morning is when I do best with exercise - it gives me more energy and motivation for the rest of my day.

Sorry for all the rambling....I think best with my fingers and writing out my thoughts solidifies them for me.

All that being said, I now have no morning left since I stayed up too late last night and therefore slept away most of the morning.....I will have to fit all my errands and chores into the afternoon and early evening.

I promise to get on the treadmill today and go to sleep before midnight so I can get up before 8 am and start my day with a workout (after I eat my breakfast).

In spite of spinning my wheels where exercise is concerned, I AM making progress weight wise. I am feeling stronger, smaller, more confident.........I can only imagine how I will feel when I actually reach goal! If I feel so much better about me before I even lose half the weight I want to lose.......what is in store during this next year? It is exciting to think about.


~TMcGee~ said...

You are doing great, Karyn! Keep it up, I'm on this journey with you. :-)

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on your lose, you are doing wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Either my hand is getting larger, or your thigh is getting smaller ;)

arlene said...

Wow!! That's fantastic! It's a really big deal, and I am loving reading about your success!
Hooray for you!

Karyn said...

Jim...I was going to mention that as an NSV but thought maybe it was a little too much information. LOL