Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting Over

It is with a heavy heart, head hanging down, and a heavy everything that I come back to you.   I've gained 20 lbs back of what I previously lost.   I swore that even if I didn't lose anymore, I'd at least NEVER go back to where I was....yet, here I am.

I could make excuses, but the bottom line is that I quit paying attention to how my food choices were going to affect my overall health and specifically my weight.

I will have to remove the "30 lbs lost" button from my blog.  For now.

I may change my weight loss approach in the future, but for now I am going to go back to the eating plan given to me by LA Weight Loss Center.  It worked before and is very adaptable to pretty much whatever situation I am in........

.......which brings me to my next point......

On Friday of this week (4 days from now, counting today) my husband and I will be boarding a plane to begin our journey to Lusaka, Zambia where we will be spending a month with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.   They are missionaries with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) there and we will be living on the YWAM base in our daughter's home.   We will be providing our own groceries so mostly we can choose what we want to eat, but in the interest of community, we will also be eating with the students and staff at least once or twice a week.  Those meals will inevitably be based around nshima (white cornmeal).   

We hope to be able to go for a walk each morning before the children get up, plus I am taking a short strength training regime with me (one that needs no equipment) so even though I am 'starting over' just before leaving for a holiday, I am planning for some success.

I will not, however, be packing a scale so it will be a month before I am able to see if the numbers correlate to my efforts.  (My husband, BTW, is also making an effort to change his eating habits and get closer to a healthy lifestyle.)

So, we will see........

For today, we began the day with an 'off white' omelet cooked with various veggies and some low fat cheese as well as a side of an orange and some nuts for Hubby and some no fat, no sugar yogurt and 'fresh' raspberries for me.  (I put quotations around the word fresh because the berries were on the verge of moulding.....I could almost taste it - if you know what I mean).  Oh, I also had a high fibre muffin (homemade) which is about 100 calories.   Hubs is avoiding all carbs and sugars - I may switch to that when we come home, but I don't see that being feasible in Zambia and I am trying to set myself up for success.  (He isn't quite as susceptible to a feeling of failure and giving up as I am.)

And, now that he is off his business call out in the living room, I am going to go do my Wii Fit routine.  I can get at least 4 days in before we leave - and I know that even one day makes me feel so much stronger!


Anonymous said...

Hey Karyn, you have not failed. As your blog title proclaims, this is a JOURNEY! And Wow, you are taking that literally, aren't you! Zambia!
Use your time away to just remember you are not done until you're done. I did the same thing and am getting back up on the horse. I'm changing things too, and am finding that the low carb (actually, good carb) is MUCH easier to do when I am not restricting fat and protein. Because you know what? The carbs taste like cardboard without fat! So if I'm going to continue eating carbs and fats together, I am going to choose which carbs are better, and add the fat to those and cut out the empty processed crap I was eating. Honestly, 6 days for me without a craving? That is a miracle.
Hold your head up and know that you are loved. Your strength is one of the reasons you are beloved of many!
Congratulations on getting back to exercise!

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