Thursday, April 14, 2011

Half Way Through the First Week of the "U-Turn"

My friend told me that when you get 'off track' on your 'weight loss jouney' to do what the GPS does when you get off route......."Make a U Turn at the first possible opportunity".    Thus, the title of my post.

This week has been crazy.

Besides preparing to leave for a month-long visit to Zambia, we've been dealing with flooding, taxes, and medical issues.   

For a photo of the first day of flooding, go to my other blog.

I had promised myself that I was going to do Wii Fit every day this week.    I managed to get 1/2 hour in on Monday.   Tuesday, I got the 'balance board' out, turned on the program, went through the 'body test' and did my first warm up 'game' and we got company.

We NEVER get company, just dropping in on us!  But we did on Tuesday.   A very nice surprise, although it meant I did not get my workout in because when they left, we had to hurry off to town to take care of something - I forget what.

Yesterday, we had to leave the house as soon as we got up and we did not return until bed time.

Today - well, we will see.   Winter has returned, complicating the flooding issue.   Jim has gone in to town for a final medical appointment when he returns, he may decide that we need to leave today rather than tomorrow to be sure that we can 'get out'.  We do not want the flood or the snow to keep us from getting to the airport on Friday.   If we are not rushing off, I'll be all packed so there will be time to Wii.

Food has been pretty good - Pretty close to 'on plan' for both of us.


arlene said...

U-turns are a good thing. I'm sure you'll have lots of time for long walks in Zambia, and that will be way more fun than Wii fit!
I hope you didn't need a boat to get to the airport, and I hope all the appointments have a good outcome.
Love you, and hope your trip is amazing!!

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You coming back girl???x

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