Monday, June 29, 2009


As a person who carries way more weight than my frame is meant to support, SHOES are a major issue.

My poor feet were always tired and sore, carrying around more than 100 extra pounds. It's better now, since I've lost nearly 50 of those pounds, but I'm still 60+ pounds overweight and my feet suffer for it.

Finding a comfortable shoe that helps to support the fat is always a challenge.

I have a pair of leather shoes that I bought several years ago. They are comfy but rather heavy - if I spend a whole day on my feet my calves get tired from the weight on my feet but on a normal day, they are great.

Except in the summertime. Who wants to wear leather shoes and socks when the sun is hot, the grass is green, and the flowers are blooming?

Not me, that's for sure.

But sandles are a challenge.

To begin with, the straps have to go over just the right part of the foot or they are too tight and uncomfortable.

I have a pair of flip flops that feel GREAT on the top of my foot, but they are completely flat and only about 1/4 " thick at the sole. I can wear them to look nice, but I walk slower and my feet get sore VERY quickly.

So, a couple weeks ago I set off on a quest to find some comfortable flipflops or sandles that would give me enough support to keep me walking at a brisk pace. I was willing and expected to pay at least $50 to accomplish both goals.

Oh, one other criteria....they had to be at least semi attractive - I like my footwear to be as feminine as possible given my weight challenges.

After trying on several nice looking flipflops, I was directed to a display of these 'new' flipflops:

- OK, I was going to put a photo of them here but blogger won't let me move the photo and I'm not going to rewrite everything before this point just so I can have a photo. Sorry

I was told two things.....A) Oprah endorses these shoes. (whoopee) and B) they will actually make you lose inches off your butt if you wear them. (yeah, right)

They are not very pretty, but they're not ugly, either.

I tried them on and walked around the store for about 5 minutes. THAT sold me. I was suprised at how comfortable they were.

The shoes came with a 'warning' to begin wearing them gradually as the workout aspect of them would result in sore muscles. I began by wearing them all day. That night, I went to bed WITHOUT sore, tired feet for the first time in so long I can't remember. I hadn't even really realized that my feet were always sore until the achy, tired feeling was not there!

Seriously, folks - I have not been asked to endorse this product, and I did not recieve a free pair to 'review'. I just paid my $80 and started to wear them.

I cannot say that they provide a workout for my butt and legs, as advertised - I never experienced the sore muscles they warn of, and I did not take my measurements before so as far as that sales gimmick goes - no comment.

I could care less if Oprah likes them.....(sorry, Oprah fans)....but I care that I can wear them all day and feel that my weight is being properly supported. I can walk around all day without thinking about my feet.

If I could, I'd rather have some sandles that are prettier - but I'll leave those for the day I reach my goal and my body is in proper proportion to my feet.

If you want to see this product go to this link. Or 'google' Fitflops.

I bought the shoe in navy - although red is my favorite color, (see photo at the link) I felt that the contrast of the white and red attracted too much attention to the 'chunkiness' of the shoe.

Anyone else have problems finding a good shoe?


Shelley said...

I actually tried these on a few weeks ago - didn't buy them because of the price, but I'm glad to hear that you like them! Maybe one of these days...

Oh, I had the same problems with putting a picture where I wanted it in my blog - you just upload it (it will be at the top) and then right click on it, hit copy, and then position your cursor where you want the picture in the post, right click again and hit paste. Took me FOREVER to figure that out!

Hide those cookies said...

I have a lot of trouble finding comfy shoes. Maybe I'll give those a shot!

Miz said...

Ive been SOOO CURIOUS to try those (made a bad mistake moneywise with my MBTs. Dont get MBTs).

bbubblyb said...

I hate having something between my toes so I don't wear flipflops but I did find a great sandal by Columbia for $40 which I just love and can wear all day. Glad you found something you like and is comfy.

Natalia said...

I can relate Karyn! I have a pair of sandals I bought over two years ago and they are very comfortable.

They are expensive BUT considering I wear them almost everyday for the last 2 years, I'm OK with that. They are made by Keen - they're not pretty but they are comfy!!! Here's a link:

Natalia said...

Oh, I forgot to mention they have a sock fit. There is a strap that you can tighten and loosen the shoe as needed across the top of the foot. I can't begin to tell you how comfy they are! For me anyway and I still have way over 100lbs to go!

Good luck! Good comfy shoes are hard to find!

Fat[free]Me said...

My credit card hates you!

fitflops said...

I have Fitflops and I did have sore muscles after the first time I wore them. I don't really know how well they work as my legs and behind weren't toned to begin with but I will say, I have never had a more comfortable pair of shoes ever! I can wear them all day at Disneyland, shopping, outdoor festivals, school functions when I'm on my feet the whole day and my feet do not hurt AT ALL! Personally, that is worth the price paid.