Saturday, November 14, 2009

On a more Upbeat Note........

Yikes! I'm like a week late, almost, with this post.

I've managed to spend less time wasting time on my computer this week - a whole lot less wasted time, actually.

That doesn't mean that I haven't sat at the computer several times a day - just that I was working, not just 'facebooking' or playing solitaire.

Anyway, I said I was going to post about what is still positive in my 'weight-loss life'.......instead of only focusing on the negative fact that I have not lost any weight to speak of in the last year, I want to list as many positive things as I can think of.

So here goes......

  1. I am fourty pounds lighter than I was in Dec 2007
  2. I am wearing size 18 pants .... down from size 24
  3. I am wearing size 20 shirts......down from size 28
  4. I can wear my wedding rings ALL THE TIME......something I have not been able to do for probably 10 years
  5. My ankles usually look nice (except when I'm retaining water....normally, because I forgot to take my blood pressure meds)
  6. I can wear a necklace without an extension
  7. I do not look like the woman on my driver's license or passport
  8. I now have a waistline.....a little on the large size, but at least it is a waist line
  9. I can reach to wipe
  10. I eat less than I used to - and am quite satisfied
  11. I automatically choose healthy foods (almost 100% of the time) over quick, processed foods
  12. I read lables and have learned which products to avoid and which to buy (like no salt added tomatoes)
  13. I still get compliments on having lost weight - even though I haven't lost for a year
  14. In spite of a pretty emotionally stressful year, I have not gained any weight overall and I have not turned to food as my crutch
  15. In other words.....when I quit losing, I did not gain back what I had lost and then some more! You know.....when you lose focus on your weight loss plan - what happens......I don`t know about you - but for me, in the past, as soon as I am not being very disciplined about my `diet`, I begin to gain. And gain. And gain. And surpass my starting weight. This did not happen!!!!


The thing that worries me is that I have lost much of the belief I had in myself....that I really WAS going to get to a healthy weight. Not that I am without hope....I always have hope....but I do not have the same strength of really believing it as I did at this time last year.

Actually, now that I think of it, that is not really something to worry about....I mean, when I started this journey I had NO hope and I absolutely did NOT believe I would ever lose ANY weight - yet, I lost over 40 pounds.

All I have to do is DO IT. Or Keep Doing it but make a few adjustments here and there. Because really, I have been 'doing it' for the most part - I have kept my eating in control and established good habits that I barely even think about anymore. I probably need to get out the scale and measuring cups again, that would show me where I am not eating the correct portions. AND it would help to get a journal to write everything in (I have one, but I do not like it so don't use it every day)

So......All is not lost.

I am not a total failure.

I have not left the road to success.....just sat down on the shoulder.

I can just get up and begin to travel down the same path to my goal.

I have lost no ground, really.....just time.....and afterall, it is not like I quit living while I was losing the time - I've lived lots this past year...some wonderful times and blessings, some difficult and emotionally exhausting experiences. The only time I've lost is in regard to weight loss. But there is no use in speculating what weight I could be at right now, had everything gone perfectly in the last 12 months.

It is what it is.

I`m going on from here.


Shelley said...

Karyn, this is a fantastic post! I love your list and I love that you didn't leave the road, merely sat on the shoulder...great insights!

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on all you've accomplished. I know what you mean too about feeling good for not back sliding on your off time. I've had months like that and I think really it just gives your body more time to adjust. This sure isn't a race it for a lifetime. Glad to see you're feeling good.

Stephanie said...

YYEEAAHH!! Love this post. So many things to be grateful for...and YOU have accomplished all of them. Congratulations!
BODA weight loss

arlene said...

All good news Karyn.
I was thinking as I read your post...when you began this journey, you were completely successful at stopping eating (that sounds really awkward but I'm in a hurry) like the heavier person you were then. You began to see, believe, AND eat like you were 40 pounds lighter. And obviously that led to the 40 pound weight loss.
You may have not kept loosing once you lost that much, BUT you did continue to eat the calories of a 40 pound lighter woman all year, so you kept the weight off. Hooray!!! Yay for you!!
That is such a victory, and that is something I have never managed to accomplish. I have lost weight at different times, but after a while I have always gone back up to my pre-diet weight.
You on the other hand...YOU...have been consistent and you have CHANGED YOUR LIFE! So don't get down on yourself! I am SO proud of you!!!
Love and hugs,

SeaShore said...

Wow, you've maintained that loss since Dec 2007? That's excellent! Good idea to make a list of the positives. There's no reward on focusing on negatives.