Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Husband's Journey

I forgot to weigh myself on Wednesday....oops. In fact, I haven't weighed myself since Tuesday. I have, however, been doing pretty well with the eating. I am not yet friends with exercise, but sooner than later, that will come.

I am writing today about my husband's efforts at weight loss.

I am very proud of him.

He has been slowly changing his eating habits over the last few years - after his cholesterol was in the dangerously high range and medication only made his muscles hurt so bad he couldn't lift his arms. His weight has been quite up and down - although the average overall has been down.

The last few weeks, however, he has seen a dramatic difference. He's lost about 15 pounds and had to make another hole in his belt (that is two holes smaller than a month ago).

The first change he made was to quit drinking coffee. Not only did this save calories (he is overly fond of the flavored 'creamers') but he is sleeping better than he can ever remember - no 'fighting' with his pillows, no tossing and turning, no waking up - and he has more energy than I can remember him having since he was much younger.

He has also been away at work.

This means that he is physically working harder than he was when at home, but it also means that he has to work very hard to eat 'properly'. When you begin your work day at 5 a.m. and do not get back to the hotel until 8 or 9 p.m., it is very tempting to stop at a fast food joint for supper - or buy processed 'quick' food. Instead, he has been buying 'real' food and cooking it for himself....after a long, hard day when he would really rather not put out the effort to do so.

As well, there is the added temptations of the food brought to the worksite by the crews who come to work for him. Someone is always providing donuts or buckets of chicken or even BBQ'ed steaks with all the trimmings. He is often being offered something that is much more tempting than a dry bun with some meat and a tomato and some yogurt. Besides the temptations of taste, there is a certain amount of peer pressure...even though he is 'the boss', (or maybe especially because of that fact) there is the social aspect of eating with those you work with.

He's only given in once in the last month.

The weight loss is obvious.....his belly is much smaller and flatter and his face is thinner.

I am very proud of him. Oh wait, I said that already, didn't I?

Of course, all this means that with his new found energy I am inspired to be able to keep up with him - and that is a good thing.

If I don't hurry up, he will weigh less than me very soon.

This is the only current photo I have of him without a jacket on - unfortunately, he is sitting down...and whistling to himself while waiting for the festivities to begin at our niece's wedding this past weekend.

WTG, Honey!


bbubblyb said...

Awww how sweet you wrote about hubby. He looks terrific. Glad he has made changes along with you. I know my family has too but sometimes it's harder for them. Hope you have a good weigh-in this week.

Shelley said...

That's so nice how your husband has taken on his own journey - he looks great in that picture...very fit and healthy!

arlene said...

Wow, Jim looks like he did when we first met you! Good for him, and good for you. I know you inspire one another. I have been so remiss about checking blogs...it seems I have no time!
I'm glad you're forging ahead my friend. I know you can do it!

Natalia said...

Yay for your hubby that is awesome!!! :)