Monday, December 15, 2008


I was going to post about this a few days ago, but ….well, you know what happened to derail my good intentions. But, I still want to document these NSV’s …… as well as the scale’s verdict.

So….(from my journal Dec 5)

An exciting thing (to me) that happened……two things, actually…..

First, when I got myself ready to go, I looked in the mirror and thought “Dang! Girl, you look good today!”

I don’t know when I ‘ve ever really had that thought when looking at myself.

Sure, I’ve thought “My hair looks nice today” or “My makeup looks good” or “this outfit looks pretty good”…..all the while subconsciously comparing myself and thinking that I look good ‘in spite of’ or ‘relatively speaking’.

Yesterday, I just thought I looked good.


What a novel feeling!

I liked it.

Then, during conversation, Trisha asked me if I’d been going to the gym because I looked like I’ve ‘lost even more weight’.

That was a nice compliment – one that I was not expecting.

However, as nice as that was, and as good as it made me feel, my own compliment meant more.

Back to today…..

A couple years ago, Jim bought me a beautiful bracelet for Christmas. It barely fit around my wrist, but I wore it, because I really liked it and what’s the use of having a lovely piece of jewelry that you don’t wear?

Last spring, it broke… probably because of its tight fit. I finally got around to taking it in for repair. I was able to pick it up a couple days ago and to my excitement, IT DANGLES!! Not a whole lot, but it deffinately dangles!

I could not make my camera focus...and it is not easy taking a photo with only one hand.... but you can see that there is space between the bracelet and my wrist. When I was wearing it before, there was NO space. It barely moved.

As far as the scale is concerned, I’ve decided that I will give myself an official weigh in day in order to keep closer tabs on my weight. I’ve chosen Wednesdays as my WI day. I will still weigh daily, but having a milestone every seven days should keep me more in tune with whether the numbers are going up or down or staying the same. Time goes by too quickly for me not to have a stop and look at the numbers day.

My first official weigh in was last week – I was down two pounds since the Wednesday before.

I’m not doing so well this week…..Friday my kids hosted and performed in a benefit concert. (You can read about it here, if you are interested.) I wanted to help them out so I volunteered to provide goodies for the “after concert” get together at their house.

I baked some ‘low fat’ brownies with cream cheese and raspberry topping (low fat cream cheese and sugar free jam). I had several ‘tastes’ of the topping while the brownies were baking.

I also pulled out my “Christmas Baking” for this year (Nanimo bars and Ginger snaps from Costco) As I arranged the cookies on the plate, I remembered the Christmas cake I had left from last year and pulled it out. I cut the end off the fruit cake and since it did not have a nice clean cut, I ATE IT! Without really thinking, I ate it.
I cut the rest of the cake, then when I got to the other end, I ate it too!
Then came the Nanimo bars……the first one out of the box is always a mess – can’t serve that! So into the mouth it went! These are big pieces, too! (I normally cut the precut pieces into about 4 small ones) By the time the evening was over, I had had 1 brownie, about 4 pieces of fruit cake (not large pieces), the large hunk of Nanimo bar, and 1 or 2 of the small pieces.

I am currently UP about 2 pounds since Wednesday, but I am hoping that my good eating over the days since then will pay off by this week’s weigh in.

I was most upset about how many times I caught myself AFTER I put something in my mouth! I thought I was pretty much over the mindless eating.
I guess this just proves that I cannot afford to let my guard down – especially at this time of year!


Cmay said...

Isn't it astonishing how things just seem to go in the mouth without thought?!

Sounds like you didn't let it ruin your mood though...which is (for me atleast) half the battle.

~TMcGee~ said...

A picture sure is worth a thousand words, Karyn! :-) I'm so excited for you. I don't even wear rings/ bracelets anymore because of the "tightness". Hurray for NSV's.

And getting to the point where you look in the mirror and say "Girl, you are looking good today" is phenomenal! I can't wait to do that.

I kind of wonder if mindless eating will always be a struggle I face, even if/WHEN I get down to my desired weight. Some habits are so ingrained in us. And maybe they can be broken but if they can't we can use other tools to help us deal correctly with them.

Have a great day!

Lyn said...

Those habits are really hard to break. More than once I have caught myself chewing something I didn't need to be chewing, and spit it into the trash!

Love that your bracelet dangles. I had a picture almost like that on my blog when my watch got very loose!

SeaShore said...

Well congrats on the NSVs! That's very cool about the bracelet!

MizFit said...

bigbig NSVs.
all of em.

even, IMO, when you 'caught yourself' after youd placed stuff in your mouth!

for me the fact I began to think OOH WAIT A MINUTE was a big step from the days when Id eat so very mindlessly and *maybe* it would occur to me days later.

havea great wednesday